Netanyahu to be questioned for third time this week in corruption investigation

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    Netanyahu to be questioned for third time this week in corruption investigation
    ByEliyahu Kamisher, Udi Shaham
    09 January 2017 21:36
    Police questioned Netanyahu under caution by police for a total of eight hours in two sessions last week regarding both cases.
    Benjamin Netanyahu

    Opposition chairman Isaac Herzog appealed on Monday to Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit, demanding the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from his position as communications minister. In his appeal, Herzog claimed that recent media reports prove that Netanyahu has clear interests and direct connection to Israel Hayom.

    In his appeal Herzog said if Netanyahu is not removed the Zionist Union would file a petition the Supreme Court in 48 hours. “I am not happy at the expense of Netanyahu,” said Herzog during the Zionist Union weekly faction meeting. “I already said that we will replace Netanyahu in the ballot boxes [and not due to his resignation].

    “The reports on Netanyahu’s conversations with Yediot Aharonot [publisher] Noni Mozes verifies the allegations that the news desk in Israel Hayom was and still is being operated by Netanyahu,” said Herzog, adding, “Now it is proved beyond any doubt.” Herzog contended that Israel Hayom is actually “a forbidden donation of millions [of NIS] to the Likud and to Netanyahu” because “it is a tool serving one candidate and one party.”


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