Netanyahu rival set to head Christian caucus in Knesset


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Netanyahu rival set to head Christian caucus in Knesset
Former Knesset speaker and health minister Yuli Edelstein Edelstein could use his new post as head of the Christian caucus to build ties with Evangelicals ahead of a Likud leadership run.
AUGUST 3, 2021

Former Knesset speaker and health minister Yuli Edelstein, who intends to run against former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the Likud leadership, obtained a good launching pad for his run on Tuesday, when he was named co-chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. Edelstein is Netanyahu’s No. 2 in Likud and has said in private conversations that he does not believe he would lose anything by running against him. He does not believe Netanyahu would willingly leave his post, and he is concerned that under the former prime minister’s leadership, the Likud will not be able to return to power.

The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) maintains ties with Evangelical leaders around the world, and its chairmanship could help Edelstein build connections that could help his future candidacies for leadership posts. In the key posts he has held, Edelstein has addressed thousands of Christian supporters of Israel and encouraged them in their efforts. “Over the years, I have had the pleasure of participating in the caucus’s activities and met with numerous Christian leaders and organizations,” Edelstein said. “I cannot stress enough the importance of strengthening cooperation between Christian leaders and the State of Israel. Our goal is to build direct lines of communication and cooperation between members of Knesset from all parties with leaders of churches and Christian political representatives worldwide. I also hope that we can bring to the attention of the Israeli people the immense support Christians have given and continue to give to Jewish aspirations in the Holy Land.”