Netanyahu: Leftists in Likud endanger Israel


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Netanyahu: Leftists in Likud endanger Israel
Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu said that a group of Likud activists called the 'New Likudniks' are actually leftists trying to bring down the party.
Published: DECEMBER 26, 2021

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu testified to the Likud’s internal court on Sunday that he felt compelled to act against people with left-wing views who have joined his party, because he believes it is necessary to save the country. Netanyahu’s criticism was about a group of some 7,000 Likud activists called the New Likudniks, whom he has been trying to purge from the party. The former prime minister believes the group is infiltrating the party in an attempt to shift it leftward, a charge the group’s leaders deny.

“We see a danger to the existence of the Likud and that makes it a danger for the country,” Netanyahu told the court. “We saw six months ago people on the Right take the votes of the Right and give them to the Left in complete political trickery to topple the government. Now we see people trying to do that within our party – to enter the party pretending to be right-wing and then bring about the election of MKs with a left-wing agenda that is the opposite of ours. I am going all the way with this, because I am not ready to concede this party, which is the future of this country.”