Netanyahu: Lapid, Bennett should talk less about Ukraine


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Netanyahu: Lapid, Bennett should talk less about Ukraine
Opposition leader says PM, Foreign Minister taking eye off danger of return to weak Iran nuclear deal with focus on Ukraine crisis.
Israel National News

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to exercise caution with regards to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. "These are sensitive and complex days in the global arena. On such days, caution should be exercised. Unfortunately, in recent days we have heard too many unnecessary statements and too many false predictions," Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly Likud faction meeting Monday.

"I call on the government to act responsibly: To talk less about what should not be talked about and to deal much more with the real existential threat to our security, and this is of course Iran's return in the near future to the dangerous nuclear agreement. With regards to this matter specifically, Lapid and Bennett do not say anything and do nothing," the opposition leader claimed.