Netanyahu: Israeli PM must know how to say 'no' to US


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Netanyahu: Israeli PM must know how to say 'no' to US
Opposition leader accuses govt. leaders of allowing Iran to arm terrorists and build nuclear weapons in order to not anger Biden Admin.
Israel National News

Former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader attacked the government's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the negotiations to restore the Iran nuclear deal in Vienna during the '40 signatures' debate in the Knesset Monday evening.

Netanyahu said: "These are sensitive days in the global arena and on days like this it is better except for statements on the global issue that is on the table, certainly when it comes to unnecessary statements. There will be much more to say on the subject but now is not the time. The absurdity is that the Israeli government chooses to speak precisely about this matter, but about another matter, which must really be talked about and must really be done, it is silent and it does nothing."

"Nothing - in the face of the rush for a nuclear agreement that will allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons against us, an agreement that will come in the near future. Bennett and Lapid say nothing and do nothing," Netanyahu said.