Netanyahu greenlights plea deal negotiations


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Netanyahu greenlights plea deal negotiations
If Benjamin Netanyahu agrees to a plea deal in his public corruption case, he will have to leave politics.
Published: JANUARY 17, 2022

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday night greenlighted his lawyers' pursuit of a possible plea deal regarding his public corruption case even though Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit has said such a deal would mean the end of the former prime minister’s career. In response, Mandelblit, State Attorney Amit Aisman, prosecution team chief (for the Netanyahu cases) Liat Ben Ari and, for the first time, Case 4000 lead prosecutor Yehudit Tirosh are holding a meeting to decide whether to enter formal plea-bargain negotiations.

Until now, Tirosh and the other rank-and-file prosecutors from the Netanyahu case had not been included in behind-the-scenes informal messages about whether to enter formal talks. The deep division between informal discussions and formal talks has had enormous significance because of the implications to the country of Netanyahu even agreeing to endorse a narrative in which he is considering confessing to a crime.