Netanyahu bloc at 61 – poll


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Netanyahu bloc at 61 – poll
Ayelet Shaked getting closer to electoral threshold.
Published: OCTOBER 7, 2022

If the Knesset election were to be held today, the right-wing bloc led by Benjamin Netanyahu would win 61 seats, two more than an identical poll held a week ago, according to a survey conducted by Panel Politics on behalf of Ma’ariv. The center-left Lapid bloc would receive 55, two fewer than last week, and the Arab Hadash-Ta’al partnership would win the remaining four seats.

Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) led by Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked is still short of the electoral threshold of 3.25%. Still, its vote share rose to 2.4%, an increase over last week when it was predicted to win just 1.9% of the general vote. The Likud and the Religious Zionism Party each gained one seat, while Yesh Atid and National Unity each lost one.