Netanyahu: Bennett has not kept a single promise


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Netanyahu: Bennett has not kept a single promise
PM at Besheva, Israel National News Jerusalem conference accuses govt. of showing weakness to the Arab world.
Israel National News

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the 19th Jerusalem conference of Besheva and Israel National News-Arutz Sheva and attacked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. "Bennett took the right - wing votes to form a left - wing government with Yair Lapid, Nitzan Horowitz, Merav Michaeli and Ra'am. He did so in stark contrast to all his election commitments. Do you remember? Bennett said his government is 'ten degrees to the right'. If someone were to rank Bennett's dozens of lies - that lie would surely have reached one of the top places. Everyone sees the truth, everyone knows that this government is completely controlled by Mansour Abbas and the Muslim Brotherhood," Netanyahu began.

He said, "Everyone also remembers the countless empty commitments of Bennett. In the election he promised that on his first day as prime minister he would regulate the 'young settlements' in Judea and Samaria. That too did not happen, like all his promises that were grossly violated. He said he would not sit with Labor and Meretz, that Lapid would not be prime minister, rotating or otherwise, and there would be no prime minister who has less than ten seats. Remember promises of tax cuts? Zero infection policy? There was not a single promise that Bennett made which was fulfilled. Everything which he said, he did the opposite."