Negotiating the Arab-Israeli conflict in Rabin Square

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    Negotiating the Arab-Israeli conflict in Rabin Square
    By Adam Rasgon
    March 19, 2017 00:21
    As the new White House administration attempts to promote a resolution to the regional conflict, a non-governmental organization brings Israelis and Palestinians face to face to engage in dialogue.
    PEOPLE POSE for a photo at the Minds of Peace event in Tel Aviv on Friday.

    A day after US President Donald Trump’s special representative for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt completed his tour around Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan to explore avenues to revive peace negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships, hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians discussed peace in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square. The event, which was organized by Minds of Peace, a nongovernmental organization committed to dialogue and coexistence, aimed to incorporate Israeli and Palestinian civilians in the peace process, according to organization founder Sapir Handelman.

    “Without the involvement of the people, making peace will not happen,” Handelman said. Minds of Peace has organized many similar, smaller-scale events in Tel Aviv and around Israel and the Palestinian territories over the past several years. Gathered under makeshift navy blue tents on Friday, the participants attempted to formulate basic agreements on a number of the conflict’s most difficult issues.

    “Will you recognize Israel as a state for the Jewish people?” Yehudit Eran of Ramat Gan asked her Palestinian counterparts. “No,” Iyad al-Natsheh of Hebron responded sternly. “Our government already recognized the State of Israel, and now you want us to recognize it as a Jewish state.”

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    This is a nice gesture, but it will get them nowhere. The PA and Hamas and the rest of the Islamists aren't concerned about making peace with Israel. They just want to destroy Israel. It's a shame the people on the ground have to be held hostage by their terrorist governments. :ohno

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