Nearly 18,000 California inmates could be released early due to coronavirus


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That is
Thing is the libtards have always turned a blind eye to criminals. I've never been able to reconcile that. Even though their claims are that people all have a good heart deep down. They don't.

So agree with this. People...even the “best” of us..are, at our very core, selfish. The drive to ”look out for number one and those who I care for” is hardwired into us at a genetic (sin) level.

And, While Libs won’t admit it, there are people, many people actually, who are so fundamentally broken that the only way they can derive satisfaction is by preying on others. There are people that are just plain evil and most of them choose to be that way. These people belong in prison And no outside event can possibly justify releasing them.

I can see criminals convicted of petty drug offenses being released but anyone who has done violence (and that should include violent rioting)...No way. They stay there until their sentence is served or they expire, whichever comes first.

They don’t want to get exposed to the virus? Maybe that should be something they think about before these criminals make the free will choice to assault, rape, rob or murder people.

How come everyone has special rights and second/third chances EXCEPT the people who follow the rules, pay taxes and live moral lives?