NATO must do more to protect members against Russia -German defense minister


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NATO must do more to protect members against Russia - German defense minister
German defense minister inaugurated a permanent German command center in Lithuania saying it would help move a brigade of troops from Germany to Lithuania in 10 days, if needed.
Published: OCTOBER 8, 2022

NATO must do more to protect itself against Russia and President Vladimir Putin, German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said on Saturday because we "cannot know how far Putin's delusions of grandeur can go."

"One thing is certain: the current situation means we need to do more together," Lambrecht said while visiting German troops deployed in Lithuania. "The brutal Russian war of aggression in Ukraine is getting more and more brutal and unscrupulous...Russia's threat of nuclear weapons shows that Russian authorities have no scruples."



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I know what NATO should do. Create a rule that says all NATO countries should not get too dependent on Russia for their energy needs.

If NATO was established to protect the West from the Bear, among others, why would you rely so much on that same Bear for your power?

The German mind is usually more rational than that.