National Memorial Day Holiday Broadcast.


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I watched a half hour of the celebration from about 8:30 to 9:00 PM. They would talk about the war and the cost. Then they would introduce survivor from that war.and the survivor would talk about his life in that war. WW2, Korean War, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan. There were two couples that really caught my attention.

The first was an air force pilot that fought in Viet Nam and was shot down and put in prison for somewhere around 8 years. Him and his wife talked together with the moderator telling about his prison time. The big thing to me was the wife's testimony about her prayers to God for her husband. And later his telling how much it meant to him that his wife was faithful to him. Praise God!

The second one was the Magee family. They lost their son in Afghanistan. This couple were such good Christians! They covered all the parts of what a good Christian family should live for. They said how Memorial Day was nothing special for them until they lost their son. Their encouragement was that we should all be close families. We should all live like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow may be changed.

Then I thought how all these veterans are remembering what they did and why! Giving a picture of what the United States did for other countries with the sacrifices of our military. And while hearing this I was thinking about what is going on in our country now. Going on with the blessing and support of our leaders and government officials.

God Thy Will be Done!