Nasrallah: We're facing crucial hours in maritime border talks


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Nasrallah: We're facing crucial hours in maritime border talks
The Hezbollah leader stressed that a deal will only be considered as final once it is actually signed in Naqoura.
Published: OCTOBER 11, 2022

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah warned that Lebanon is facing "crucial hours" in the efforts to reach a deal concerning the maritime border between Lebanon and Israel, in a speech on Tuesday evening.

"We, as the Lebanese people, are waiting for the official position to be announced by His Excellency the President [Michel Aoun], and we are waiting for the official position by the enemy government (Israel), even if it was said that the head of the enemy government announced his approval, but the important thing is what will happen tomorrow because it was said that there is a cabinet meeting," said Nasrallah. The Hezbollah leader stressed that once the delegations from both countries go to sign the agreement in Naqoura, then it can be said that an understanding has been reached.



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There's some strange reporting done here, if true it looks dire for Israel and doesn’t make sense to me, have to wait for things to become clearer.


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Thought it had been done.
In the news today, "The Israeli government plenary approved the principles of the maritime border agreement with Lebanon and its tabling in the Knesset for a 14 day review and a discussion in the foreign relations & security committee. After 14 days the government will vote again"

Israel AG Gali Baharav-Miara is saying "the law does not oblige the government to bring deal to Knesset vote."
(Knesset approval not needed ?)

Ministers in the meeting today were told "the imminent departure of Lebanese Pres. Michel Aoun at the end of October makes this agreement a one-time opportunity".

With Israel going into elections Nov 1 and Lebanon's president leaving office at the end of October, looks like Lapid is trying to ram this through quickly and may not need Knesset approval. But what happens after elections if Bibi wins ? He'll unwind the deal I'd imagine. That could be a catalyst for war brought against Israel.