NASA chief Charles Bolden says to pray.


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NASA chief Charles Bolden has advice on how to handle a large asteroid headed toward New York City: Pray. :scratch:
Is this just a figure of speech or do they now believe that there is a God or does he mean the Higgs boson that's referred to as the God particle? As for me I'll pray to speak to my Lord Jesus throughout the day asteroid or not.
Large asteroid heading to Earth? Pray, says NASA | Reuters


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How about praying and giving thanks to God for one not hitting by now. Of course, old Charlie would never think of that...

Jacob Zamora

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read a sign today that said you know something is happening when nonbelivers are paying attention to Belivers. This is the appointed time to go out and Preach to all the nations The Time is at Hand, and the Signs are everywhere !!! Glory !!! :preach :pray: :hug


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If it takes 2000 tons of rock to get us to pray, then all of us have been in a lot more trouble for a lot longer than just the discovery of this asteroid....

...we need to be praying regardless of what is in the sky.