NASA accuses China of intent to take over the moon, China rejects


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NASA accuses China of intent to take over the moon, China rejects
"The US has constantly constructed a smear campaign against our normal and reasonable space endeavors," a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said.
Published: JULY 4, 2022

China on Monday rejected as an irresponsible smear a warning from the chief of NASA that China might "take over" the moon as part of a military program, saying it has always called for the building of a community of nations in outer space. China has stepped up the pace of its space program in the past decade, with the exploration of the moon a focus. China made its first lunar uncrewed landing in 2013 and expects to launch rockets powerful enough to send astronauts to the moon towards the end of this decade.

"We must be very concerned that China is landing on the moon and saying: 'It's ours now and you stay out'," NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told German newspaper Bild in an interview published on Saturday. The US space agency chief said China's space program was a military one and that China had stolen ideas and technology from others.



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Biden is probably about to free China from the tariffs Trump used to force fair trade deals. We don’t know what else Hunter filmed of himself or what bribes he took. But we are going to worry about the moon? When are we going to stop China from buying American land, making us look like witless worms, and constantly threatening us with WWIII? During his Witless Worm campaign, Biden scoffed at China being c-c-c-competion for us. He said, “C’mon, man!”
“C’mon man” is a phrase used by the inarticulate when they have nothing else to say. No joke!
Let Italy have the moon. Here’s an anthem:
When the moon hits your eye
like a big pizza pie-
It’s Italian!
That should elicit scolding from Xi for the rest of 2022.

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Well, if China thinks they can own the moon, the people that got scammed out of $ when they "bought" lunar real estate from the so-called lunar real estate companies might have something to say about it.

I thought the moon was supposed to be open to exploration and scientific discovery by everyone, like Antarctica.

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Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
FWIW, I hope that manned Mars mission isn't planning on landing or squatting on anyone's land that they "bought" from one of those other-than-earth "real estate companies" :eek

"Get off the lawn" comes to mind :lol


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If we offend the CCP enough, they will begin military exercises and waste fuel. They also open the possibility of their own warships colliding.

Hey Xi - the future looks good for your lunar landing in 2023. It’s the Year of the Dung Beetle.
Hey Xi - Just think of all your adoring people cheering Hail Crater Face!
Hey Xi - Kudos for appointing your speechwriter Hu Flung Dung as Ambassador to the U.N.
Hey Xi - Brevity is the soul of wit. So shut up.

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The policies from the White House are so warped they have impacted the space-time continuum. The spin from DC now twirls pizza into the air today and hits you in the eye fully baked last week. These new phenomena made Bitcoin possible.
LOL well CERN did go live again yesterday so anything's possible