Narratives pave the way for endless war against Israel - analysis


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Narratives pave the way for endless war against Israel - analysis
Together with the argument that Palestinians have a “right” to resist and that all of Israel is “occupied”, this presents a case for excusing and justifying endless war against Israel.
MAY 15, 2021

The goal of recent discussions about the war between Israel and Hamas has sought to shift the discussion from one about Hamas rockets and Israeli airstrikes, to a discussion of the “right to resist” and whether all of Israel is “occupied” and a “settler” state. This narrative push has been made among western critics of Israel and by state media such as Turkey’s TRT as well as popular politicians and media in English, Arabic and other languages.

For instance, The New Arab in the UK has an article about clashes in “occupied Haifa.” It speaks of the “Zionist criminals” and their “independence,” an apparent reference to Israel’s independence day. The increase in the view that all of Israel is “occupied” and reference to Israel as a “settler” state or even claims that Jewish far-right mobs are “Jewish white supremacists,” as one person called them, is part of a narrative that portrays every Israeli as foreign. Arabs in Israel are called “48 Arabs” in this narrative, as if time stopped when Israel was created and they await the return to that time.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the member of Congress said in the House of Representatives that the current conflict “is not about both sides. This is about an imbalance of power…The president stated that Israel has a right to self-defense...But do Palestinians have a right to survive?" That would indicate that Hamas rockets are “self-defense”?