Naked man’s wild boar chase immortalised in plastic

White Squirrel

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These days it so rare not to read only saddening, disturbing or horrific news, so...
Again I am sorry for these kinds of "breaking European news" but it's hilarious - who wouldn't want to decorate his railway model with a German nudist whose iconic photo won the Internet last summer? :laugh

"A woman whose photograph of a naked man in pursuit of a wild boar at a Berlin lakeside went viral has said she might take legal action against a company that has immortalised the spectacle for model railway enthusiasts.
The drama she captured played out after a wild boar, nicknamed Elsa by bathers, stole the man’s laptop in a bag that she was likely to have believed contained food. It has now been adapted into a plastic figurine set costing €13.99 (£11.90) and being sold by a model railway company as an embellishment for the landscape of a model railway set."