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Same, always keep toes done (I go to a one-person owned salon) because I love foot massage and wear sandals all summer. Used to always keep my finger nails done years ago, but had to do a clear coat daily to make it last. Gave that up as part of my chemical-reduction plan after breast cancer. I like reds and dark pinks.


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There are quick drying top coats. Have you tried any of those? Nail polish doesn't adhere well to my nails, but I love it anyway. I like glitter, and white shimmer nail polish. I also like some of the grays and taupes. My favorite was an OPI polish from years ago called, "The British Are Coming!" and it was a bright, sparkly, orange red. I got lots of compliments on that.
Ooo I'll how to look up that one sounds pretty. I've heard of them but haven't tried them yet.

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Psalms 150 : 1-6 KJV
Favorite color polish is bubblegum pink in a creme finish.

I rarely polish my fingernails because it never lasts long enough before it begins to chip, but once sandal season starts I try and keep my toenails painted all the time (usually switch colors every couple of weeks).

Since I'm impatient, I mostly buy quick-dry polishes, normally Sally Hansen.
The one I have on now that is my favorite I got it when my parents and I went to Puerto Rico a few months ago. The nail polish I had on from when we left home was start to chip and we were going to be there for several more days so I had my daddy bless his heart take me up to CVS in PR so I could run in and get a thing of nail polish and remover. The nail polish I got is bettina in the color perlina and it's shimmery to so that's a plus!:paintnails