Mysterious bubbles in Bayou Corne (Louisiana)

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    Methane gas from rotting vegetation? I wouldn't be lighting any matches near it.

    Or maybe the "Creature from the Black Lagoon".
    [you tube VIDEO]lM1o1xe5FGE[/you tube VIDEO]

    Video at link.

    Mysterious bubbles in Bayou Corne

    Posted: Jun 28, 2012 10:30 PM EDT Updated: Jun 28, 2012 11:20 PM EDT
    By Kiran Chawla - bio | email
    Posted by Charisma Thrash - email


    Mysterious bubbles are rising up out of an Assumption Parish bayou. Officials are trying to figure what's causing them.


    Take a ride down Bayou Corne, and there are bubbles of all sizes along the waterway.

    "We have reported on May 30th a pipeline leak, which started us coming out and investigating a bubbling in Bayou Corne," said Assumption Parish Homeland Security Director John Boudreaux.

    Since then though, pipeline officials have not ruled that out just yet, but said it's unlikely. So now, investigators are going through the process of elimination.

    By coincidence, since the bubbling began, many in Assumption Parish are worried

    "Our houses shifting and cracks in our sheet rock and our foundation," said Jason Hugh.

    "My home moved, and my home shook. My home moved, and I'm on cement," said Debra Charlet.

    Officials don't know yet whether the two are related. Boudreaux has taken samples of the bubbles and sent them off for testing. Those samples are expected back in the next couple of weeks.

    Officials are monitoring the bubbles twice a day. As for now, no evacuations have been issued and the waterways remain open.

    Mysterious bubbles in Bayou Corne - WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports
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    I don't have a FB account...can you cut and paste it, please?

    [you tube VIDEO]ddlrGkeOzsI[/you tube VIDEO]
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    This is just one of the links/discussions regarding the steam plumes. This page has all kinds of similar discussions/links. The page takes several minutes to load. The steam plumes were going crazy yesterday. There is still an active one in Utah. As you can see, there is a big difference in the plumes vs. fires. From his facebook page:

    "last 24 hours of water vapor over colorado wyoming utah .. tells the tale.. those are not smoke plumes coming out of the ground.. actual water vapor !!!"

    look at wyoming !! flanis with menus
    flanis with menus
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    Dutchsinse ironically .. the colorado wildfire at waldo canyon is actually at manitou springs .. and the utah fire is at a "landfill"..
    Yesterday at 5:56am · Like · 4
    Robert Ray Greene Q: Where is that pluming in southern S.Dak towards the end of the image cycle ?
    Yesterday at 6:13am · Like
    Jim Kuhn ‎@Dutch It started at Manitou Springs but is way bigger than that tiny little city now. It's now on Air Force Academy property and in Colorado Springs proper. It has destroyed over 230 homes on 34 city blocks.
    Yesterday at 6:41am · Like · 1
    Jim Kuhn | Denver | Colorado's online news leader | Breaking news, headlines, weather, sports, business and more. has our best local coverage
    Yesterday at 6:42am · Like · 1
    Kelly Cramp So we are now losing undergound water?
    Yesterday at 6:56am via mobile · Like
    Sarah Sterling Walters Actually Jim, the house count is up to 346 as of yesterday afternoon. | KRDO NewsChannel 13 | Colorado Springs, Pueblo | News | Weather | Sports is what I have been watching here in the Springs.
    Yesterday at 7:23am · Like · 1
    Chris Jones There's some volcanic activity going on there in Colorado. I moved from denver about a couple of weeks ago and I'm glad I did because there's clearly somethings going on under ground and these fires were not caused by lightning strikes.
    Yesterday at 7:25am via mobile · Like · 6
    Chris Jones As alway thanks for your research and valuable info Dutch.
    Yesterday at 7:26am via mobile · Like · 1
    James Julia Gillard Labor Funny bit from TV3's Firstline June 29th 2012 - YouTube

    Funny bit from TV3's Firstline June 29th 2012
    Yesterday at 7:47am · Like · 1
    James Julia Gillard Labor Volcanic activity lifts Canary island

    Volcanic activity lifts Canary island
    Digital Journal: A Global Digital Media Network
    Following days of almost continual earthquakes, residents of the small Canary is...See More
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    Jim Ernst so if this is water vapor; is it possible that magnetism or some other natural cosmic force is drawing water out of the ground; perhaps the earth's crust and/or core is morphing, bending, or bulging, which in turn forces the water to erupt or vaporize?
    Yesterday at 8:14am · Edited · Like · 2
    Lee Grass Is it the heat--causing water vapor to rise?
    Yesterday at 8:27am · Like · 1
    Suzanne Chen Keep posting! Thanks for all u do. Stay safe global family : (
    Yesterday at 8:27am via mobile · Like · 2
    Doreen Gray Petros Thanks for these reports Dutch; and James, thanks for yours also, have been keeping an eye on the Canary Islands due to that potential landmass slide with Palma.
    Yesterday at 8:45am · Like · 1
    Kevin VanOver Really consider the implications of this:

    If the earth is about to pass into aphelion, the furthest distance from the sun 93 million miles away, and we have so much evidence structural instability below the surface here in America, what do you all think will happen when the earth passes into perihelion and is only 66 million miles away from the sun? With the exponential increase of the suns gravity on earth, being 1/3 closer, what do you all percieve might happen this winter, as the suns gravity stretches the earth like an egg? And let's go ahead and throw in a nice big solar flare, that will dramatically compound the problem.

    What do you all think you should be doing right now? Putting more money into your IRA, or buying some dehydrated food and some water? Do you think that nice jaguar would look good in the garage, or maybe a bushmaster AR and a S&W 500 with some body armor?

    If you have flavor for things of the comfortable, luxurious sort, your tastes are about to change. And what used to be sweet to you, will turn bitter and loathsome. Friend, you better get ready for this one, there ain't no going back after this happens.
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    Pennye Goins great information Kevin, thanks. When will we be at perihelion?
    Yesterday at 9:58am · Like · 1
    Danielle Magestro That Canary Island video is nuts and Kevin you sounds like my kind of researcher. Kudos for great information!
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    Jan Jbde Eaves A toxic landfill!!!
    Yesterday at 10:57am via mobile · Like
    Jan Jbde Eaves Kevin you are absolutely right!!!!! Just about post some of the same info sent my way!!!!!!!!
    Yesterday at 10:58am via mobile · Like
    Jan Jbde Eaves I'm sure many already know but I am going to repeat that the eastern seaboard is not equipped with tsunami warning systems like we heard in the Japan videos, nor have a majority of folks been convinced if they even know at all that this Canary Island issue has posed very serious threats but this time it's looking inevitable!! Sad!!! Some try and try but family even disregard their alarm. As for the horrific fires I'm having to really work on my anger since modification and technology has long since been viably utilized and could rain a ark resistant flood upon it all!!!:/
    Bless us all in this heat and toxic element impose areas!!! And all life there and elsewhere !!! Prayers and sacred practices are needed and very much reality !
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    Debra Oneil Eastern Cape worried over deformed babies - Times LIVE

    Eastern Cape worried over deformed babies - Times LIVE
    Home - Breaking SA and World News, Sports, Business, Entertainment and more - Times LIVE
    The Eastern Cape health department has called for more research into why so many babies have been born with deformities in the province.
    23 hours ago · Like · 1
    Debra Oneil Michigan Nuclear & Deformed Plants after 3/11/11 - YouTube

    Deformed Plants after 3/11/11
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
    ‎"Deformed Plants after 3/11/11", a playlist created by OURpage0o
    23 hours ago · Like · 1
    Debra Oneil Fukushima Daiichi Worker: I got worried about corrosion of pipes after seeing new video of Reactor 1 — One day pipes will break from slight quake after seeing how much they corroded in only a year — Same risk at all four reactors (PHOTO)

    Fukushima Daiichi Worker: I got worried about corrosion of pipes after seeing new video of Reactor 1
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    Kevin VanOver Perihelion is at the begining of January every year. In 2013 it will be Jan 4th and 2014 the 4th also, but it changes.

    The New Madrid fault is probably the most unique fault line in the world. It is actually 3 plates which overlap. It is a tectonic plate, an oceanic plate and a continental plate all pushed together and folded over each other. The reason there was such a devastating earthquake series in 1811 and 1812, during the perihelion of earth to the sun aka the winter of the northern hem, is because the earth was being pulled and stretched. That's why there were major land deformations and fractions in west TN and MO and elsewhere and the reason that reelfoot lake exists in west TN.

    It going to pop again people. And real soon. You can look for it to go in the winter. You can look for it to totally demolish the state of louisiana. And st. Louis and Memphis and parts of Alabama. You can look for 1000's of new miles of coastline right down the middle of America. And you can look for the tracking to be the major reason that the quake caused so much devastation and life loss. You can look for about 300,000 people to be taken by the quakes alone. And then you can look for about 1/4 of the worlds population to die through another mans weapon, disease, hunger and then wild animals(as they will migrate into the cities where there are masses of dead corpses to consume and then with the tast of human flesh in them, they will turn on the living).

    But hey, maybe I'm just crazy and maybe we all will pull together as a society and help each other when it goes down. Maybe hunger won't drive people to do insane things to their once called neighbor. Maybe the love of all the Christians in the world will unite in a carebear stare aginst the evil that will quickly rise all around us, and drive it back into darkness. Or maybe I'm not crazy and we are all about to rip ourselves to pieces..........
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    Donna Deleshe Type: Earthquake
    64 minutes ago
    Magnitude: 6
    DateTime: Friday June 29 2012, 15:31:46 UTC
    Region: South Atlantic Ocean
    Depth: 10 km
    Source: CSEM-EMSC Feed
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    Kevin VanOver One more thing...... If you live on the New Madrid fault, I'd go on vacation for Christmas. Get out of there around the time that the evidence says it will happen. The evidence is in the previous quakes, and the position of earth to the sun at that time. The evidence is here in what Dutchsinse is continuously pounding and grinding out. The evidence is in the birds falling dead right at perihelion the past 2 years in a row. And fish going belly up my the millions at the same time. And dolphins and whales beaching themselves on beaches by the dozens at a time, in oceans they have never been seen on before. All of creation knows what is about to happen. And we can feel it too, if we would focus on the right things. But, I digress

    I say again, as a warning, if you live on the New Madrid Fault, around the end of December, go on vacation. Don't dump your life, just heed the warning. I could be crazy, and wrong.
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    Joanie Mor Awesome kevin
    23 hours ago · Like · 1
    Pennye Goins thanks again Kevin, am wondering what your thoughts are on the North American Craton? Will that also give or drop when the New Madrid goes? Also, about the Canary Islands and that whole situation, I heard there is nuclear waste buried in the sea near there, anyone else hear that?
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    Sherry Swain Kevin, I'm new here. What is perihelion?
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    Kevin VanOver Pennye, The North American crayton or laurentia, is the continental plate I was speaking of in the paragraphs above. The three plates combined are what formed the New Madrid fault, the other two are the oceanic plate south of the US and a tectonic plate that stretches out west. They all three meet to form the New Madrid fault. And they don't just play bumpercars like the San Andreas and the likes, it takes a special kind of force to cause sizeable movement on the NMF. The New Madrid Seismic Zone actually encompassed about 7 states, 11 by some estimates.

    Sherry, perihelion of earth is the closest the earth comes to the sun in it's orbit. Perihelion falls at the begining of January every year, on varying dates. When earth is at perihelion to the sun, it is only 66 million miles away, where at aphelion in July every year, the earth is at it's furthest, being 93 million miles away.

    The earth is never constant. It is continuously stretching and pulling, bending and flexing.
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    Kevin VanOver Oh, Penney, if you really want me to open a can of worms..... The canary islands are doomed. There is a lot going on in our solar system right now. But the one thing not really mentioned is that of the tenth planet in our solar system. About 4500 years ago, give or take, planet x, some call it nibiru, was struck by a very large comet, a comet the size of a planet, and it threw planet x out of it's orbit, which used to be between mars and Jupiter. Now, there is what we call "the asteroid belt" which is really just the pieces of planet x that are left in it's original orbit. Some astronomners have predicted planet x to be on an orbit approximately 4500-4800 earth years in length. And it's orbit is approaching the new perihelion of planet x.

    When earth gets close enough to planet x, whenever that might be only God knows, the never before experienced by earth gravitational impact of planet x will litterally shift the earths 23.4 degree axis and move every mountain and island out of it's place. If that isn't bad enough, after that, the earth will pass therough the debris tail of planet x, and whatever side of earth is facing the debri will get pelted with asteroids like hail.

    So, about those canary islands, probably not the best place to vacation, as planet x is on the other side of the sun right now, however far out it is. I don't believe it is soon, because I watch the stars closely, and all I've seen lately is a lot of planetary activity, but no new ones.
    22 hours ago · Like
    Jan Jbde Eaves Again Kevin, you are right and very well spoken. I suspect even presented with simple logic some just will not believe. Of course the earth constantly does but one dependable, verifiable and quite obvious thing.....move. :)
    22 hours ago via mobile · Like
    Kevin VanOver Another short bit, they say the north American crayton has been stable for some 600 million years, well first off I don't believe this is all that old and secondly it's been stable because of how unique the combination of strata layers are that compose it.

    You ever froze a water baloon and then cut the rubber? It just pulls away from the inside. Imagine that type of action on the New Madrid Fault, do you see it now??
    22 hours ago · Like
    Cherie Brantner In regards to the post above about babies deformaties: depleted uranium has caused severe deformaties in babies in the Middle East. Parents don't ask "is it a boy", "is it a girl" - they ask "is it normal".
    13 hours ago · Like
    Glen Baumgart Funny, it all looks like normal cloud formation over uneven terrain to me!
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    Thanks, melanie. I'm sure this was a pain to get. I'll check it out.
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    Oh goodie. I grew up fairly close to New Madrid. We had earth tremors all the time. I'm probably four hours (straight lined) from it now.
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    I wondered what happened to the creature of the Black Lagoon!!!
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    Louisiana.. first the booms and bubbles from underground, now an explosion in nearby Morgan City.

    Steam plant explosion.. same area as the bubbles

    Plant Explosion in Morgan City, LA - CNN iReport

    heres morgan city.. where this steam plant just blew... 29°41'7.23"N , 91°12'18.13"W ... heres the mystery booms and bubbles.. just about 8 miles away !!!!!! 29°40'58.35"N , 91° 3'42.75"W

    Plant Explosion in Morgan City, LA
    Video of an explosion in Morgan City, Louisiana. Power across the city was knocked out. All the Best, Lanzer M. Robinson
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    They know of any connection--yet?
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    Not sure??? They are still talking about it on Dutchsinse page. Here was an interesting comment: "Like I said (we r from Louisiana and my husband works in many plants including chemical/ nuclear) and hes starting to hear all over from the plants that the ground is heating up because of the core pressure of the earth is heating up for some reason...they r having to fix roads here where I live cause they r buckling everywhere! As I said before this is not good!"
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    Thats's so odd. Does LA have a lot of earthquake faults?

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