My View from McDonalds


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I never thought about it before, but I haven't been out to eat inside a place for years and years. If I ever do, I will most certainly be more aware now.
I stopped taking my daughter to McDonalds a year ago. Too expensive for what you get. I can buy 5 pounds of potatoes for what they charge for a small fry, and it is ridiculous to pay $7 for a fish sandwich when all you get is 1 stale bun, a quarter of a piece of dried out cheese, a 1/4 teaspoon of mayo/pickle mix, and a dried out piece of fish. It probably cost them all of 20 cents to make.


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Haven't been to a Mc's house of whateverprotien in like 40 years. Not even for fries.

Its either pizza shop, Chik-Fil-A , or Hardee's. And Chik-Fil-A's waits are enough to make me go to Arby's.
We did do Wendy's as a treat when the kids were homeschooling.

5 Guys priced themselves out of my patronage ability, and my son developed a beef allergy - probably from Lymes, so I don't go there.

The best fast food is fried chicken at the grocery store.

As for security, I have 2 people sweep the area while I run in for provisions and return to base vehicle strategically located in lot for best exit if the balloon goes up.

The sweep often turns up a nail, bolt, or object that my tires would never miss.

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I'm always aware of my surroundings.
Especially in these last days.
Yes, indeed! I'm trying to teach this to our granddaughter who's early 20's and hasn't seen/heard enough about real life. I'm not paranoid, but certainly 'aware' of any situation where I happen to be. Years ago, my dh filled in for the pastor several weeks during evening service. I would purposely sit at the back so I could try to trip or whatever it took to stop any unwelcome intruder. I found out later that an older gentleman who was retired military was well prepared to handle anyone who unexpectedly stopped by.
A-hem! :spy
Fortunately, no one ever stopped by with intent to interrupt the service or harm my dh. At that time, we attended a small country church and 'anyone' could have done almost 'anything' since the church was 15-20 miles from the nearest town with a
(local sheriff).