My Thoughts For Today:


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1. Noah preached about the flood for 120 years, walked into the ark at the age of 600; His children were born when he was 500; does this mean that God told him to build the Ark when he was 480 years old?

2. In Ezekiel 38 God puts a hook in the jaw of Gog and turns Gog around and Gog heads for Israel. My question is, where is Gog that he is turned around? Certainly not at home, could this Russian Ukraine war last until the time that God turns Gog around and sends them to Israel?


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1. I always wondered why God had Noah wait so long to have children. Maybe so they would not have been corrupted by the world? The children Noah had grew up knowing about God and the reason for the Ark.

2. I have wondered about this myself.