My grandson's testimony


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I am going to share this testimony. I know it is unusual to share the testimony of someone else, but my grandson is not currently capable of sharing his testimony on an internet forum.

My grandson is 2 years old. He lives with his unmarried mommy and daddy. My daughter is pregnant with baby number 2 (a girl) and is due in September, but mommy and daddy fight all the time and just yesterday they had a blow out fight, screaming and breaks my heart that my grandson has to see this behavior, I know he has to feel so helpless. He loves his mommy and he loves his daddy.

My daughter called me last night crying. Telling me all the awful things her boyfriend said to her and telling me her "come backs".
It's war every day and my grandson is living in a war zone.

I must add that my daughter and her boyfriend are Christians, they do not go to church anymore (they have not since my grandson was 5 months old). My husband and I take him to church with us when we have him, but he really hasn't been with us on Sundays or Wednesday for nearly a year.

I tell him all the time "Did you know that Jesus loves you?" Or we sing, "Jesus loves me". I have never told him that Jesus is in his heart (nor have his parents, I asked them).

My daughter sent me a text this morning

Landon wakes up and comes in my room and says "Jesus is in my heart! He came in my room!" I asked what he said to him and Landon says something I couldn't make out and then "make sure you're ok" He puts his arm around my neck and says "It's okay, just relax"
I thought that was just amazing.

My grandson came over a bit later, we had to babysit him while my daughter went to work.

I go to my grandson and say, "Landon, I heard you talked with Jesus!" He said so excited "Him came in my room! "Jesus is in my heart", as he says this his tiny hand goes up and covers the exact spot his heart is. We have shown him what the shape of a heart is, he would even be able to point one out to you, but until this morning, all a heart was, was a shape, not a body part, and he certainly didn't know where that body part was located.

I am convinced my grandson had a dream of our precious Jesus, I pray this is the beginning of change in his home, whether there is change or not, I know that Jesus is there, holding and comforting my baby grandson. And He is in his heart, my heart, your heart....Don't forget to tell people that Jesus is in their heart, perhaps this dream will help them understand that it is not just meaningless words, they are words that a 2 year old or the 102 year old can understand and they mean everything!


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I think you are right Adrian. When I talk to my grandson about this his little face just lights up, unlike any dream he has ever had, those are forgotten in a day. Days after he told us about Jesus coming into his room, I recorded talking to him about it for a short bit. He's two, so the conversation is pretty much what he'll give me at that moment. But look at how his little face lights up. When I told him to say goodbye I meant to wave to the camera, which is how our videos almost always end, but look at who he waves to. [you tube video]/pdNRxsEW8gw[/you tube video]

P.S. Excuse the hair, on days we don't go out, we let it do whatever it wants, oh and my pictures that are still not hung up, even though we have lived here for 5 months. Excuse those too, please.