My friend has just started dating a catholic... how's that going to work out?


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I'm glad I at least emphasized Bible over man made traditions. She seemed to accept that but didn't go further.

Hello cheeky. Yes I agree with you. It's a mystery to me why a believer could stay in a church with extremely wonky doctrine, but sadly it happens. A friend of my Grandmother's an old Catholic lady got saved and stayed in the RCC. I also had an experience a couple of years back, a Puppeteer who attends the Episcopal Church came to the Old Folks lunch at my church, did a wonderful gospel presentation with his puppets and he was the friendliest, Godliest guy you could meet. And yet the Episcopal Church is known for their liberal doctrines, e.g allowing SSM in the church. How could this be? How could he fellowship there? I couldn't understand it and yet there is was. God Bless :)