My First Testimony


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I was exploring some of my old files and found this. I was saved in 1985 and I think this was written in 91 or 92.

How I Became a Christian

I was born in Detroit. The family moved to Richmond in 42 or 43. Then moved again to a dairy farm near Sandusky Michigan in December of 1949. I was 8 years old for that move. Most of my memories are from after that move.

Maybe I was different I don't know. I used to like to go with my dad to the neighbors on summer evenings after the chores were finished. The grown ups used to stand in the yard and talk about what they knew of the Book of Revelations. I don't really remember what they knew, but it seemed like a lot to me at the time.

I can also remember looking up at the stars in the sky and thinking that all this just couldn't happen by accident. Quite a revelation for an 11 or 12 year old that never had much exposure to the creator of the universe.

Somewhere in this time period a neighbor used to take us kids to a little local church in a town that is now dead. One of these times all us kids were at the alter during service. I suppose an alter call. I'm not even sure why I was there, I suppose I followed others up or someone suggested that I go. Anyway the neighbor asked me if I wanted to get saved? I said, “Saved from what”?

It took over 30 years for me to find out what I was supposed to be saved from. I didn't learn while doing chores. I didn't learn while trapping muskrats for Christmas spending money. I didn't learn when I graduated from high school. I didn't learn in the Army in Thailand. I didn't learn while starting to drink. I didn't learn in college. I didn't learn the first few years at work.

I used to spend a lot of time following the conspiracy theories, and the bad politics. I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where the world was going so I could avoid it. How to build a bomb shelter. All that good healthy stuff. And I realized that I couldn't protect myself. That I had little control over that part of my life. I could control my life to the point where I get up on time. I pay my bills. Better insulate my house. Take care of my family. But I realized that I was powerless over someone pushing THE BUTTON that would start world war III. I mean that I became convinced that I had no control over the big things in life.

Then one day I was walking out of the main entrance to the plant. An 18 wheeler was just leaving, and I thought I could just dive under the wheels and end it all. Now all I can say about that is that I knew that was not a normal Carl thought. I have done some crazy things in my life, but always with the choice of how to handle it. While riding motorcycles I side swiped a car on Telegraph rd. Leaped a 70 foot bridge because the throttle stuck open. Had cars pull out in front of me when I was doing 80 or more mph. Had a gun pulled on me (later I heard it was a fake gun). Been charged by an elephant. In each of these I always chose to do what I could to save myself. So I knew myself and knew that killing myself wasn't my viable alternative to problems.

Asked a flaming Christian friend at work what it was all about and he said, “Satan”. Then he gave me the book Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers. This book led me to the Lord. Merlin explained it, through his experience, in a way that caused a hunger in me for what he had found; CHRIST. So on a November day in 1985 I knelt down on the floor and asked Jesus to come into my heart. It was then that I knew that the neighbor meant SAVED FROM DEATH.