My favorite joke of all time ..


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It's a bit slow on the forum so maybe it's a good time to share this. I think I've shared it before but we have new members who haven't heard this one. It's in two parts.

Quasimodo was the humpback bell ringer at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Eventually he died and the bishop needed a new bell ringer. Instead of appointing one of the monks, he decided to include the community in the needs of the church, so he let it be known that they needed someone to ring the bell. Applicants came from all over, but really, it's ringing a hard can that be? One day, though, a man approached the bishop..."Sir" he said, " would it be possible for me to apply for the bell ringer post?" The bishop looked the man over and said, "My son, of course you can apply, but I have to state the have no arms."
"I know, sir, but I assure you that I can do the job. Please let me try." The bishop said o.k and up they went into the bell tower. "Here we are", said the bishop, "do your best." The man got the bell started with a sound kick, then began to pummel the bell using kicks, his torso and his head. The bishop thought to himself, "Well, this is just about the silliest looking thing I've ever seen, but it does sound o.k. and besides, what else can the guy do?" So the bishop gave him the job. "Oh, thank you sir" said the man and they turned to leave. However, the bell, on its return arc, struck the man in the back, sending him head over heels down the flight of stairs. Bam, Bam Bam down the stairs. The bishop rushed down to the man's side but he was dead. The monks nearby also rushed over. "Bishop!, who is this man?" The bishop looked down sorrowfully, then said, "You know, I never got his name, but I know this about him.....his face sure rings a bell."

A groaner, I know, but keep gets worse (or better).

A few days later, the bishop is walking along the street when a man approaches him. "Sir" he says, "I know what happened to the previous bell ringer. May I ask if the post is filled and if not, may I apply? You see, sir, the man who died was my brother and every time I ring the bell, I will do so to honor my brothers memory." The bishop thought, "Well, that sounds legitimate and this guy does have all of his limbs" so he said okay and they went up into the bell tower. "Here we are" said the bishop, "go ahead and do your best."
The man began to ring the bell in the traditional manner, by pulling on the bell rope. "O.K." said the bishop, "the job's yours." "Thank you, sir" the new ringer exclaimed and they turned to leave. However, they failed to notice the bell rope now coiled around the ringer's feet. As the bell swung , it pulled the man's feet out and sent him flying down the steps......Bam, Bam , Bam..dead. The bishop rushed down and, as before, the monks ran up. "Bishop!", they cried, "not again? And who is this man?" The bishop looked at them and said, "I never got his name, but I know this about him......he's a dead ringer for his brother."