My Dog Died


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I am really sorry for the loss of your doggie. But I’m glad that you rescued two more from the shelter. I lost my cat Daniel last year, and I still miss him terribly. I have since adopted another cat but he’s 14 years old, And lately he’s become a lot less active but wanting to be with me more, so his time may be coming to an end. My mom also may have lost one of her cats, a semi feral boy named Ginger. He’s been gone for about three weeks now, and has been taking longer and longer trips outside.

I hope you’ll be able to help your new dogs. Our kitties are almost all rescues (one of mine was a shelter cat) and there’s no greater feeling than rescuing a pet in need and letting them know what it’s like to be loved, wanted and cared for.


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I have an update. We rescued two dogs from a shelter. One is 6 months and the other one is 3 years old. They were both strays from the street. I’m slowly warming up to them but the 3 year old is super needy and needs lots of reassurance. The 6 month old is cared and always looking to hide. It will take time for them to bond with me but we’re working on it.
Just wondering how your new puppies are doing?


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Just wondering how your new puppies are doing?
Thank you for asking. Unfortunately I lost my oldest pup yesterday. He was 14 years old. Out of the original four I had this time last year, none are with me. My boy died a couple of months ago, my oldest yesterday and the pup who killed my pup was sent to the pound yesterday. And one left for Spain with my daughter.

The rescue is doing great. He’s very territorial and is sort of afraid of being taken for a walk. Slowly we will train him. My other baby (my hubby surprised me with a cute Shi Tzu, is an absolute terror, lovingly and she’s so smart I can’t get enough of her hugs). She loves playing with the rescue as they are both still babies.

Right now grieving for our old pup. My husband is taking his passing very hard, like I took my other pup’s passing. I’ve never seen him cry so hard and is still saddened. I understand totally. I’m so glad we were there holding him when he passed as he could sense our presence.

The other dog who attacked my pup went to the shelter (my daughter’s dog) and they were going to euthanize her. I love her too as I helped raise her but the shelter called my daughter and said that she passed the aggression test so they are not going to euthanize her. My daughter moved to NYC last week so I suppose she’s making plans to take her as I cannot allow her back in the home due to the two new pups.

This year has been painful losing our dogs.