My Childhood Prayer


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This all happened ages ago, when I was a boy of about eleven years old.

I was eleven, and many of my class mates at our church's sunday school
were considering going forward to be baptized. Some had already gone forward.
I was a believer, but I did not feel ready to go forward just yet.

Well, one day our highly respected teacher told us that God answers all
of our prayers. We knew she would not lie in church, and we believed her,
so I decided to pray and ask the wonderful Lord if I could wait a few years
until I got baptized, or should I do it very soon? So I prayed, and when I
got home from church I waited for an answer. Nothing came that day, so
I waited for the next day. Surely it would come then. Would it be a telephone
call, or a letter in the mail? I knew it would come some way or the other.

Next day after awhile there was this still small voice coming to me. It was like
thoughts directed to me. What did it say? It was something like this...

If you believe then you should go forward to be baptized. It will be a real
blessing to you.

Was anything said about going forward right away? No, so I thought I
would wait until I was ready. When I was about 26-27 I was engaged to be
married to a fine lady who belonged to the Lord, and we married that year.
About a month before this I was baptized in the name of wonderful Jesus,
and we are still married.

Knowing that the Lord answered questions, if they are sincere, and made in
faith helped me get through the more difficult phases of my life.

Oh, I should say that the good Lord does answer all sincere prayers in faith,
but sometimes we need to listen for the Lord's answer in the pastor's sermon, or
from reading the scriptures, or other similar sources.

Bless all you believers in his wonderful name!
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