MUST READ: Israel is running out of time before Biden damns it to defeat


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How many times has Israel been attacked by other nations and since it's beginning on 1948 how many times has Israel actually lost a war!!??!!
All these goons trying to come against Israel do they not remember how Israel has come out of wars attacked against them? And these crazy individuals now standing against Israel don't see this?
God says His hand is on Israel! And these goons going against Israel do not take the time nor energy to realize this?

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You know, before Hamas brutally attacked Israel on October 7th, I am one who believed Psalm 83 is a prayer And a prophecy talking of a future war that Israel would face with its "neighbors". I still believe that and also believe we are witnesses to that war. As Israel keeps reducing Hamas' ability to defeat Israel, Hezbollah to the north is striking Israel more and more and have hit Haifa which is around 30 miles from the Lebanese border with Israel. Yemen has fired into Israel and so has the more than 50 attacks on American bases in Iraq and Syria that have been signaled out. Before this started on October 7th and progressed to now, I had never thought that if Psalms 83 was describing a future war, America would be involved in any way for any time. We hear of the Pro-Palestinian marches, the "Squad" and others in our government screaming for and demanding a cease fire along with others all over the world. The antisemitism is out in full force. But God hears the prayers of believers and is pleased by them. I know this is all political for Biden and company and the U.S isn't involved because Biden truly gives a darn about Israel's survival...he's more interested in bowing to Iran, China, and Russia. What we don't hear and see enough of are the millions around the world who are praying for Israel to win this war no matter who or how many attack her. Never again. This time, I believe, Israel will not stop until they feel safe to do so. Whether America continues to support Israel and not desert her is yet to be seen. In the Ezekiel 38/39 war, God Himself is the only One with Israel and that's all she needs. As an American and a Christian who supports Israel's right to exist and defend herself, I pray that America is used by God to help her defeat these enemies in this war.