Muslim Mayor Who Cheered Al Qaeda Angry at Being Barred from White House


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Muslim Mayor Who Cheered Al Qaeda Angry at Being Barred from White House
“New Jersey mayor says racial profiling prevented him from attending Muslim celebration at White House”
By Daniel Greenfield

Mohamed Khairullah is all over the news ranting that he was banned from entering Biden’s White House Islamist Eid event by the Secret Service. Before this is all over, the Secret Service will be forced to apologize, heads will roll and a bunch of Islamists will be brought in to purge the lists of any fellow Islamists who were flagged as security risks and replace them with Republicans and Jews. The Secret Service would have done better to give the Democrats what they wanted and admit Mohamed Khairullah to the party.

But now Mohamed Khairullah’s really getting what he wants: an opportunity to crybully his way off the list.

New Jersey mayor says racial profiling prevented him from attending Muslim celebration at White House – CNN

I didn’t realize Islamic terrorism was a race.

Mohamed has played out this farce before.

Terrorism: NJ mayor says rights were violated at airport – USA Today – 2019

Muslim NJ mayor detained at JFK airport: ‘Did you meet with terrorists?’ – The Hill

The media, doing its usual fine job failed to actually mention why Mohamed might have been asked that question.

John Rossomando at the Investigative Project on Terrorism did the work that the media wouldn’t do.

A New Jersey mayor who expressed bewilderment after being stopped and questioned by Customs and Border Protection (CPB) agents in August distributed aid in 2013 with pro-Muslim Brotherhood jihadists allied with al-Qaida’s former Syrian affiliate, social media posts show. Other posts show Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah’s sympathies with various Syrian jihadist groups.

He complained at a September press conference organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that CBP pulled him aside upon his August return from Turkey to New York’s JFK airport .

He also claimed that his support for U.S. Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar might have led to his having been singled out.

“It’s flat-out insulting,” he said. “It’s flat-out stereotyping of Muslims and Arabs.”

While CAIR and Omar/Tlaib are obvious red flags with a history of supporting terrorists, CPB wouldn’t stop you over that. Nobody in the security establishment even bothers tracking anything short of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

…speaking of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The mayor worked on relief missions and was a board member with Watan USA, the American branch of the London, England-headquartered Watan Foundation. Watan’s partner organizations and some of its leaders have supported and assisted Al-Qaida in Syria. Its co-founder and President Moaz al-Sibaai belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Council of Britain’s Business and Economics Committee.

A 2015 IRS tax form listed Khairullah as a Watan USA board member. It signed a cooperation agreement in 2016 with Turkey’s IHH Humanitarian Relief.

Leaked Turkish documents show IHH provided logistical and financial support to al-Qaida’s then-Syrian affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra, in 2013, in conjunction with Turkish intelligence agency, the MIT. IHH has aided al-Qaida since the 1990s and maintains close relations with Hamas, according to a report by terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann, published by the Danish Institute for International Studies.

Khairullah’s social media shows he repeatedly expressed support for Jabhat al-Nusra. For example, he praised the 2014 defection of a Hizballah faction to al-Nusra saying, “The Lord will be pleased.” Other Khairullah Facebook posts show him supporting the Jabhat al-Nusra-led jihadist coalition called the “Army of the Conquest.” He backed its 2015 military campaign in Syria’s Idlib Province.

A 2016 Facebook post by Khairullah shows the Army of the Conquest entering the city of Idlib after kicking out the troops loyal to the Assad regime. A linked video in the post showed a tank flying the flag of Jabhat al-Nusra.

“Kneeling for thanks on the occasion of the liberation of #Idlib,” Khairullah wrote.

He also posted a video by Ahrar al-Sham, sometimes referred to as the “Syrian Taliban.” It was founded by al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri’s personal representative in Syria, Abu Khalid al-Suri.

Khairullah even thanked ISIS for taking bandits off the streets of Syria.

“A good thing that ISIS has done is to eliminate the thieves and bandits in their area of control. Allah knows what was behind this move,” Khairullah wrote in a Jan. 5, 2014

Khairullah did not respond to an email asking about his statements.

Don’t worry, you have better odds of being killed in an Al Qaeda attack than the media actually covering any of this. CNN fails to mention any of this even though it was all revealed the last time it happened in 2019. All it does is provide Mohamed and CAIR with a platform to fume and squeal about “racial profiling” along with demands that Mohamed get an extra special invite from Biden to the White House along with an apology.

Is there any doubt that he’ll get it?