Muslim Cleric who Hid 262 Christians During Attacks is Honored


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A testament to the fact the problem is not so much the Muslim people but the "religion" of Islam which they follow.

This man chose to follow the moral guide written on his heart by God rather than the moral guide written by God's enemy.
I think it is a collaborative responsibility. Muslims murder Muslims more than any other group Muslims target. Muslims that remain in the faith knowing this, reading it in their own country newspapers, and remain in the faith have made their choice. And likely it is because in Islam there is no salvation principal.
The dead Muslim's fate is up to Allah's will. However, if a Muslim dies in Jihad , the struggle, as a martyr they are guaranteed paradise. Where they can then enjoy to their fill all those things they were forbidden when they had five human senses that would allow them to savor the experience.
However, if they die in Jihad, lets say as a suicide bomber, and are unclean, because prior to a suicide Muslim martyrs to be perform a cleansing ritual, they are denied Heaven.
This is why pigs blood smeared on whatever is left of them is a worthy weapon of national defense.When that is in the news it sends a message to all other martyr would-be's what will befall them.

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