Musk to temporarily serve as CEO of Twitter


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Musk to temporarily serve as CEO of Twitter
The Tesla CEO just last week finalized his $44 billion purchase of the company.
Elad Benari
Nov 1, 2022

Elon Musk, who just last week finalized the purchase of Twitter, said in a filing on Monday he will serve as chief executive of Twitter, Reuters reported. Twitter declined comment on how long Musk might remain CEO or appoint someone else. Musk officially took over Twitter on Thursday night, as his $44 billion purchase of the company closed. In his first actions as owner, he fired at least four top executives at Twitter. At least one of the executives who was fired was escorted out of Twitter’s office, the sources told The New York Times.



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The Intercept has just revealed that the FBI
was linked in to Facebook and Twitter. Musk
just fired a supervisor who met with Homeland
Security monthly. The purpose was to
censor any stories that embarrassed the Biden
administration, from Hunter’s laptop to Afghanistan and everything else. Stories like this were quickly labeled “disinformation”. The FBI had direct access
to accounts and could quickly take action to wipe them out. This is major and alarming. PURE KGB. America is at stake, and the election in one week needs to be just the start of our recovery.
Any agent that participated in this needs to be busted down to janitorial services. They should be told “You want to clean things? Here’s your broom.”
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Blood bought child of the King of kings.
This really is interesting, more than people realize.
The timing as well.
Elon is an enigma , but tends to buck the system and not run parallel with the main liberal lunacy.
He is quite the character with an interesting history. He definitely has some wild thoughts and ideas.
I would (seriously) love to sit down with him and talk about The Word of God.


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I appreciate his spending big bucks to
get government censorship out of Twitter. So many
videos have been banned that reveal what crime and drugs have done to this country. Fox just interviewed a reporter who was banned for inter-
viewing a drug addict describing his mixing of drugs to inject. His needle was provided by Portland so it
would be clean. We need a tsunami at the polls
but we also need a tsunami of REAL NEWS. Elon has struck a major blow in the war to release truth.

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Our fallen govmint probably has its best and brightest anti-Americans working on a plan to shut the new Twitter down.