Multibillionaire says Jesus Christ was the missing piece in his life.


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Oh my goodness, the comment section from this article are very revealing as to where our culture is and is headed. For one soul to realize a need for Christ, much less a rich one, is a miracle in and of itself when this hatred of truth is so prevalent. I have seen this name "skydaddies" several times in comments on recent sections in reference to God. The open mocking and scoffing of belief in God is astounding and so faith building for me as we were told it would be this way. It is heart-breaking too! I pray this man from Singapore will reach many with his message.

Brother Albert R.

Jesus loved us and said we should Love our enemies
Singapore's richest man says 'missing piece was God through Jesus Christ'

Glory to God!!! \o/
Thank you Adrian for sharing his testimony, it says a lot when you have gained the world but realize something is missing.
God bless,
ps. below is a short cut to the video that Adrian has shared on his post.
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