Movies you won't watch because...


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Idiocy was the whole point.
Yes and idiocy or "foolishness" was the vehicle used to bring a bunch of broken, messed up people around to someplace better in life. Sooooo, at the risk of diving too deep;

- The meek characters of the movie...

Napoleon, an angry societal outcast loner became a friend to several others that desperately needed friends. He grew into someone that could be a decent companion to a timid introvert and he learned to treat his family with love and even began to show them some respect. He also learned the value of hard work for little reward.

Pedro, a stranger in a strange land exceeded any possible expectations and became something no one could have imagined, a role model of success and opportunity. He also learned grace and fortitude in the face of diversity.

Deb, the timid introvert grew past the boundaries of her fears, embraced the idea that other people weren't life's real challenges and obstacles and became a patient, kind-hearted companion that helps the angry outcast become a better man.

Uncle Rico, someone trapped in what "used to be", a victim of his own past learned to let go of things that he couldn't control or change and eventually found that he might be able to reconcile the relationship/s that matter the most, those that are in the present and that are actually real.

Kip, the estranged nobody, very similar to Napoleon (both of them brother-orphans as far as we know) stumbles through his anger and unwillingness to treat others with any kind of grace, actually finds grace and kindness in the form of communications with a stranger, whom he eventually meets in person, falls in love with, marries and is brought about to mature manhood.

- The rich, well-to-do, arrogant characters of the movie...

Summer, she treats people with disregard and lacks mercy, and by the end she's a forgotten, she's a nobody that ultimately loses in her ambitions to the humble, Pedro.

Don, the hipster-doofus, the lapdog of Summer remains the hipster-doofus lapdog and it can be presumed that it is a pattern that rules his life.

- The innocent...

The cow became tasty burgers and steaks.

The chickens were either, fried, roasted, boiled or Mcnuggeteded.

OR, it was just a movie that was funny because of idiocy and the idiots that peopled it.

I'm happy to watch it, either way.