Mother Earth day


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Wow, their statement sounds totally new-age: "to promote harmony with nature and the Earth." I think we can take care of things without the climate control freaks passing everything off to the "collective." C02 is not bad. The plants need it.


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Yup it fits right in with Romans 1, worship of the creation rather than the Creator. Am about to homeschool my dd and am purposefully removing all references in the uk national curriculum which promotes this stuff ...I aint teaching her that!!!
That is awesome you are home schooling your daughter. It is appalling the things they are taught and learn in school these days! She will probably be ahead of her peers academically. :reading


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I wonder if the "mother earth" adherents will mind if their lust for the slaughter of the unborn as a solution is actually somehow obliged by their "mother", only upon their own heads? Volcanoes, fires, floods, famines, plagues, motherquakes, disease, insect infestations? They should welcome the annihilation of the human burden they are. They won't. They'll concoct more theories about anthropomorphic climate change.

And yet we know the GOD of all creation and how the mighty works of His hands will judge all of the earth.

Lord God, help me to preach Jesus Christ, HIs love and repentance to someone at work today, please use your Word and Spirit within me to reach someone that's lost and leaning on their own understanding of the created rather than the Creator.