Most Adult Christians Don't Believe Holy Spirit Is Real, Study


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It seems the sad truth is coming out about people who call themselves Christians, but in truth are not. How can you be a Christian and not believe in the Holy Spirit? :scratch As I've posted before, if this poll and the other polls like the one showing only 6% of Americans who claim to be Christians actually hold a biblical worldview are true, when the Rapture happens, I'm not so sure it's going to be evident in many places in this country. I'm guessing there could possibly be some neighborhoods, cities, or states, etc. where they won't even realize people are missing until they see it on the news because few, if any, actual Christians went in the Rapture in those areas.. :doh Yet again, God's Word is exactly right, Jesus said that not everyone who says to Him "Lord, Lord" will enter the kingdom of heaven. He also said, "narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it" ~ Matthew 7:14 Very troubling, yet exciting times we're living in as we get closer to the Rapture for true Christians, and the Tribulation for unbelievers. :sad


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It's so sad to read this. Other polls reveal that even many 'Evangelical Christians' deny foundations of the faith such as Jesus being the only way to salvation. It seems the remnant of true believers in this country gets smaller all the time. Unfortunately, these pseudo believers may be the hardest people on earth to win to Christ- they are so sure they are already going to Heaven and see no reason to to evaluate the truth of their beliefs.

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Some are Christians and genuinely don't even know. I was chatting with a Christian the other day but one who's not had anyone really share the basic doctrine of the Holy Spirit. She hadn't really had access to an environment or a person that did so.

So, be aware that there's some really young in Christ people who need gentle mentoring on these things too.


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I'm teaching a series on 'doctrines' in our church Bible study groups and the lesson tomorrow is on the Holy Spirit. This survey is now part of my lesson. The Bible is replete with evidence that the HS has attributes of both deity and person hood, with the lying of Ananias/Sapphira in Acts as the most clear cut. Most of the world, apparently, has this notion of the HS being only an influence like the 'Force' in the Star Wars movies. That is blatant pantheism and heretical. I think it does cast some doubt on a persons 'salvation' experience. Anyone who has this belief needs to be treated the same as an unbeliever. If they are, in fact, saved, then their understanding of the basic Christian beliefs is negligible, at best.


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I can't really remember how life was before I had the Holy Spirit. I don't exactly remember when I received the HS either (as a child or as a young adult).

I wonder if it is also possible to have the HS but be so worldly and carnal over a given period of time that you have hardened yourself to any of His leadings/guidance.

These things are a great mystery to me. Only God knows.