Monstrous Oregon wildfire now a third the size of Rhode Island


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Monstrous Oregon wildfire now a third the size of Rhode Island
Pushed by strong winds from the southwest, 476-square-mile Bootleg Fire has caused no deaths but destroyed 70 homes
By Gillian Flaccus

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) — The monstrous wildfire burning in Oregon has grown to a third the size of Rhode Island and spreads miles each day, but evacuations and property losses have been minimal compared with much smaller blazes in densely populated areas of California. The fire’s jaw-dropping size contrasted with its relatively small impact on people underscores the vastness of the American West and offers a reminder that Oregon, which is larger than Britain, is still a largely rural state, despite being known mostly for its largest city, Portland.

The 476-square-mile (1,210-square-kilometer) Bootleg Fire is burning 300 miles (483 kilometers) southeast of Portland in and around the Fremont-Winema National Forest, a vast expanse of old-growth forest, lakes, and wildlife refuges. If the fire were in densely populated parts of California, “it would have destroyed thousands of homes by now,” said James Johnston, a researcher with Oregon State University’s College of Forestry who studies historical wildfires. “But it is burning in one of the more remote areas of the lower 48 states. It’s not the Bay Area out there.”

At least 2,000 homes have been evacuated at some point during the fire and another 5,000 threatened. At least 70 homes and more than 100 outbuildings have gone up in flames. Thick smoke chokes the area where residents and wildlife alike have already been dealing with months of drought and extreme heat. No one has died.



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This whole world is on fire, literally and figuratively. And South Africa is basically destroyed. Iran’s citizens rising up against their tyrannical gov., and being overcome by the military, China threatening Japan with a NUKE, floods in Germany and China, etc.
The “clock” is ticking ————

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Maybe, huh? The news called what we are getting here the "Bootleg Fires" and showed the path of the haze and smoke. Insane to look at!

This summer so far there's just been a little smoke in the air around Fairbanks due to fires in the state. Some years we have to leave the windows closed due to the smoke and then it gets too warm in the house... this summer has been nice, so far. Since fire management policy went to letting wild fires burn when homes and property weren't threatened, smoky air has been our fate many summers.

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Or maybe from the fires in British Columbia?
I saw a satellite view of North America on the Weather Network, which showed the smoke in the upper atmosphere. The smoke from the California fires and other fires in the west (such as the Oregon fire) has joined the clouds of smoke from the 800 fires burning across southern Canada to make more of the continent covered in smoke than not--there are eddy currents of it flowing into the U.S mid-west (Iowa, Nebraska, etc.). We are okay at the moment, as we are in a pocket of clear air from the northerly air flow off the James Bay which bifurcates the west-to-east flow of the smoke, pushing the main smoke flow down into Ohio, western Pennsylvania, the Appalachians into Virginia where it continues on its way eastward and out into the Atlantic.
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