Mob seizes UN peacekeepers' equipment in Lebanon


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Mob seizes UN peacekeepers' equipment in Lebanon
UNIFIL convoy's route blocked and equipment stolen as it passes through village in south Lebanon.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Dec 06 , 2020
UNIFIL in Lebanon.

A mob seized equipment from a UNIFIL convoy in south Lebanon after blocking its route, the UN peacekeeping force said on Saturday, according to AFP. The incident, which required the intervention of the Lebanese army, took place on Friday as the UNIFIL convoy passed through the village of Kaouthariyet Al-Saiyad on the way back to base, according to the statement. “A large group of civilians... dispossessed the UNIFIL patrol of items and equipment,” the statement said. The convoy was able to leave the village after the army intervened, “although the equipment was not returned to the peacekeepers,” it added.