MK Nir Orbach says he is not part of Israel's coalition


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MK Nir Orbach says he is not part of Israel's coalition
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's government "is on its death bed, receiving artificial resuscitation," opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu told his faction in the Knesset.
Published: JUNE 13, 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s close confidant and former aide MK Nir Orbach told him in a stormy meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday that he does not see himself as part of his governing coalition anymore and that he would no longer vote with it, except for the Judea and Samaria emergency bill.

Orbach left the meeting in anger as Bennett aides chased after him in vain. He went home instead of to the Knesset and then released a statement criticizing the government, saying he reached the conclusion that “the coalition cannot continue to exist as it is currently led,” relying on the votes of Ra’am (United Arab List).

However, Orbach also said he opposed going to elections, that he wants there to be stability and that he would not vote for dissolving the Knesset in the week ahead. He said he would try to help the formation of a right-wing government in the current Knesset. To that end, he requested a meeting with New Hope leader Gideon Sa’ar.