Might Govmint Someday Delete the Bible and other Christian documents from all Devices?

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The other day I was sitting in a booth at the local McDonalds, soaking in the ambiance while I took an occasional small bite of my sausage biscuit, and sips from my large diet coke. It was an early morning like most of my early mornings. I'd gotten up at Oh Dark Thirty and drove to the Big Dipper Ice Arena where I proceeded to jog indoors in little ovals for 35 minutes while listening to a Christian fiction audio-book. Why 35 minutes? Research and testing determined that I would lose my marbles if I didn't stop at 35 minutes... running in little ovals is pretty boring, after all. 'Peers I got side tracked from what I wanted to share in this thread.

While sitting at McDonalds, eating and reading from an e-book, sometimes wondering what kind of lives the folks behind the counter lead... They're always nice to me. One of them calls me biscuit on account of that's what she prepares when she sees me come through the door. They used to all know my name because they would ask for it when they took my order. Then they switched to numbers... now I'm just Biscuit...

Without warning a thought popped in to my mind... I have several copies of the Bible on my smart phone and it occurred to me that it would be very easy for the govmint, after they abolish the Bible because it is supposedly full of hate speech, to delete without permission all copies of Bibles and other Christian writings that are on our phones and tablets and computers. I pondered that thought for a while and concluded that e-copies of the Bible will become quite vulnerable as we approach the end of this era, and will certainly be in grave danger during the Tribulation years.

I've got oodles of hard copies of the Bible at home but have pretty much switched entirely over to e-reading the Good Book. After it occurred to me that it would be quite easy, technologically speaking, for a govmint authority to simply delete the Bible from devices, I next wondered how e-copies might be protected somewhat. I guess having copies in .pdf format where you could change the name of the file to Aunt Bertha Recipe Book or some other such thing to throw off the hounds might help protect the file from big brother.

Seriously, until now it hadn't occurred to me how vulnerable e-books could possibly become. It would be a simple matter to search out and delete whatever books have been banned from devices, servers, etc. Given that mankind is going over more and more to e-books and books in audio format, hard copies will become increasingly unavailable to people... meaning after the church is gone the Word of God may become hard to come by for brave new Believers during Tribulation.

Additionally, the antichrist could conceivably replace Bible files with altered ones that when studied would lead people to believe he truly has come to save the world... How confusing and difficult those last years will be.

Maranatha, come soon Lord Jesus!


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I'm amazed at how much of the word I have hidden in my heart. Im always recalling verses that fit the times we live in.
I seem to recall somebody in a totalitarian country (behind the Iron Curtain; I believe it could have been Richard Wurmbrand, but possibly not) who said that the Christian prisoners had memorized so much Scripture during their lives prior to arrest and confinement that together among themselves they had almost the entire Bible ... at least, it's key books! A good lesson for all of us. In some Western countries the Bible is already regarded as a form of "hate" literature.


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I think hate speech is a term that when coined was intended to put the death knell on the right to speak freely. And it pretty much has due to its= conflated sister companion, political correctness.

A former civil rights group now anti-Christian, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has all but deemed the Bible to officially qualify as hate speech.
Though if the government ever tried to delete app providers from providing Christian text app's due to hate speech they'd have a long list of religious texts to begin with. And one such religion as we know tends to blow up those who tick it off.

More and more it seems like America is moving toward the political ideology of former countries we condemned for their fascism and totalitarian practices. It is like we're taking on the skin of our former enemy who now has donned our initial image of freedom and liberty.
One of those, here try this on so you know how privileged you use to be as Americans.

Great post there Biscuit.
Love, Gyro. ;)