Merry Christmas


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We spent Christmas in a hotel room a thousand miles from home, sick in bed with bronchitis and head colds. But God is, as always, good and supplied for all our needs. I pray everyone here had a wonderful Christmas, remembering the real reason for the season.
Sorry to hear that. :prayers for both of you! :bighug I have also had a cold nothing severe, but spitting up the snotty stuff that comes up. What state are you in that you are a thousand miles from home?


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I just this minute saw this thread! So sorry to hear you both have head colds for the holidays. Praying for both of you. If it's any consolation, Kim has some kind of sickness where she is coughing so hard it wakes us both up. But at least, she had sense enough to get sick at home rather than driving 1,000 miles to get sick.:doh Love you both.:hug