Men Can Have Children?


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I'm going to be in LABOR AND DELIVERY to see just what compartment the baby is exiting. I better hear there is pain or I will be on the news hollering fake.

Sandra Lee

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Men (XY) cannot have children. If, however, he takes a bunch of hormones, undergoes surgery to remove the exterior plumbing and implant the inside plumbing, and then either has sex or IVF, I suppose there'd be a reasonable facsimile.

The ultimate narcissim would be if the man (XY) donated/saved sperm prior to all the abominations, and then had them use his own sperm for IVF :eek :eek: :eek2
All of these abominations :apostasy :banning



Dear God, please hurry up! :rapture

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Self idolatry in it's fullness.