Memory is the Key to Survival in the Age of Biden


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Memory is the Key to Survival in the Age of Biden
We have a sacred duty to remember.
By Don Feder

The motto of Quebec Province — Je me souviens (“I remember”) – has always had a special meaning for me. For the Quebecois, it’s the memory of everything that makes them unique. For me, it’s the power of memory – how civilization depends on remembering.

As we enter a dark time for our Republic, memory is a lifeboat in a storm-tossed sea. At the beginning of the Biden occupation, memory is the key to survival.

The ideology we’re facing is a betrayal of everything our country stands for. And it’s been a long time in coming.

Those of us whose memory stretches to a time before the cultural upheaval of the 1960s, have a sacred duty to remember, to share those memories and to fight for a return to reason.

Do you remember when Americans took pride in a history and heritage that made us the greatest nation in the world, helped to build an economy that was a blessing to humanity, and created political institutions which safeguarded liberty at home and abroad?

Do you remember when supporting the Constitution and questioning the outcome of an election didn’t elicit charges of treason?

Do you remember when impeachment wasn’t the political equivalent of a lynching?

Do you remember when one party didn’t conspire to leave our borders wide open to career criminals, gang members and drug cartels in the name of compassion?

Do you remember when defending the border wasn’t a partisan issue but a matter of common sense?

Do you remember a time when language didn’t have to be sanitized to avoid traumatizing those who are offended by reality?

Do you remember when politically correct language (“non-citizen” and “undocumented worker”) wasn’t used to whitewash the crime of illegal immigration?

Do you remember when those who claimed to be defenders of free speech didn’t push censorship in the name of sensitivity, inclusiveness and fighting racism?

Do you remember when colleges were open to the discussion of opposing views – even conservative views — and when the heckler’s veto didn’t determine who got to speak on campus?

Do you remember when academia and newsrooms weren’t echo chambers?

Do you remember when a propagandist wasn’t called a fact checker?

Do you remember when politicians didn’t try to buy the American people with serial subsidies?

Do you remember when self-styled tribunes of the people didn’t have three homes worth $20 million, where they could rest after killing middle-class jobs.?

Do you remember when politicians didn’t sneer at those they claimed to represent as deplorables, bitter-clingers or the dregs of society?

Do you remember when mayors didn’t pander to anarchists and Marxists who were burning down their cities?

Do you remember when the police weren’t held to impossible standards?

Do you remember when an idea like “defund the police” was too absurd to even merit discussion?

Do you remember when there wasn’t a double standard for riots – when the kind the elite didn’t like were insurrections, but those they did like were “mostly peaceful protests”?

Do you remember when the National Guard wasn’t used as a political prop to protect politicians from imaginary threats and create an atmosphere of panic?

Do you remember when unity didn’t mean marching in lockstep?

Do you remember when the cretins who demolished the statues of our heroes weren’t met with indifference?

Do you remember when Democrats facilitated the free exercise of religion, instead of impeding it?

Do you remember when criminals were blamed for crime, instead of blaming inanimate objects which lack volition?

Do you remember when we didn’t speak of “racial justice,” but liberty and justice for all?

Do you remember when an epidemic wasn’t an excuse for the wholesale violation of civil liberties?

Do you remember when “science” wasn’t used to advance an ideological agenda and to stigmatize dissidents as akin to flat-earthers?

Do you remember when athletes and movie stars didn’t have political opinions – or, if they did, no one cared.

Do you remember when Hollywood’s principal product was entertainment, not indoctrination?

Do you remember when you could tell the difference between a news story and an editorial?

Do you remember when those who refused to celebrate a deviant “lifestyle choice” weren’t treated as pariahs?

Do you remember when you could tell the difference between a man and a woman without a strip search?

Do you remember when you didn’t have to use the preferred pronoun of men who thought they were women and women who thought they were men?

Do you remember when a woman who learned she was pregnant bought baby clothes instead of deciding whether she wanted to keep the baby or abort it?

Do you remember when had a country that was still recognizable as America?

Ultimately, it isn’t about the Biden gang – Bonnie and Clyde meets the Addams Family.

The Biden regime is the last stop on a train that traveled from the Frankfurt School (the origins of Cultural Marxism) in the 1920s, to the anti-Vietnam riots of the ‘60s, to the campus culture of the 80s and beyond (LGBT activism, feminism and identity politics) to the radical left takeover of the Democrat Party.

Memory holds the key to our survival as a people. Try to remember and if you remember then follow – all the way home.

Je me souviens.


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I wish I was old enough. I'm a couple years shy of 30, and it was only by the Lord's grace that I found how evil their propaganda is. I learned first hand how effective it is, and I will oppose them with Scripture till they come get me or I'm called home. I was astounded to find how recent all these "new" ideas became "Truth". To all you parents, be careful what lies they feed your children. Because they will try, and school is their single easiest path to take their minds from age 5 to the grave. I wish I would have known when I was a kid. I should have never listened to them.

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I remember.
And tv shows were family friendly, with morals, and people went to church, parents were in charge of the children and not vice versa. The good guys defeated the bad guys. Conversations weren't loaded with profanity. Police were respected. Schools existed to teach the 3 R's, not for indoctrination. People had manners, and respected their elders.

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Once upon a time, there was public, corporate, Christian prayer in the public schools every day, the kids faced the flag and recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, every classroom had a Bible prominently displayed and students and teachers consulted it freely and openly, the Ten Commandments were posted, and papers that included God, Jesus, and/or the Bible were neither graded down nor torn up.

Once upon a time, the congregation and Pastor faced the altar and cross in the front of the church instead of entertainment on a stage, and services were respectful and reverent. And people didn't snicker or make faces at the thees and thous.

Once upon a time, churches had children's church taught by a real ordained Pastor, where children learned about the liturgy, worship, reading music, Bible, prayer, had child-appropriate sermons and lessons, and could ask needed questions without disturbing anyone and without being embarrassed or shushed. And after children's church go to Sunday School where Sunday School teachers continued the teaching with age-appropriate activities and lessons. At the same time, parents worshipped in sanctuaries, focused on God, free from distractions, and the Pastor could preach about necessary adult topics without concern for tender young ears. Once upon a time, needed fire and brimstone sermons were preached. Once upon a time, it was normal for a church to have one or more Baptisms every Sunday morning, and the sanctuary was always full, with crowded pews and overflow standing in the back. Once upon a time, the choir and congregation singing with the organ could raise the roof, shake the walls, and rattle the windows because everyone could read the words and music in the hymnal, everything was familiar, and people were not afraid or embarrassed to sing, regardless of ability. Once upon a time, the congregation and choir both sang the liturgy and hymns in parts, and the music could be heard through closed doors and windows a block away!

Once upon a time, sermons were all thoroughly Bible based, and one could attend any church of one's own denomination and not have to worry about heterodoxy. Once upon a time, churches were bastions of Biblical morality and had not fallen into apostasy promoting or accepting sin as acceptable.

I miss the old days :cry

:pray :pray :amen :amen

ducks rocks because I know I probably upset some here
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