Meet the 80-Year-Old Woman Who Refused to Shower With a Man

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In the same way that anorexic people struggle with body issues and need help, so too do those who struggle with gender dysphoria need help. Compassionate help, for quite often there is an abuse or source of pain that's connected that's not been dealt with.

BUT for society to enable this only causes further pain and suffering, for the gender dysphoric and for too many others.

Supposed bathroom/locker room rights is not the answer just as one would neither supporting an anorexic person in not eating.

Both need mental and spiritual help.

And, one should also realize that the medical community supporting this have a financial vested interest in more people going transgender, cutting their bodies, removing organs, etc. There's A LOT of money being made by the medical community and the pharmecueticle companies doling out the drugs.

So, people who think they want to go this route need to realize that this is all new territory for the medical and pharmaceutical companies, of some don't care as long as the money is coming in.

Consider this article from a transgender who greatly regrets their decision due to major health issues and the medical community not being able to help after the irreversible stuff was done:

I am a 48-year-old transgender man. I was thrilled when the medical community told me six years ago that I could change from a woman to a man. I was informed about all the wonderful things that would happen due to medical transition, but all the negatives were glossed over. Since then, I have suffered tremendously, including seven surgeries, a pulmonary embolism, an induced stress heart attack, sepsis, a 17-month recurring infection, 16 rounds of antibiotics, three weeks of daily IV antibiotics, arm reconstructive surgery, lung, heart and bladder damage, insomnia, hallucinations, PTSD, $1 million in medical expenses, and loss of home, car, career and marriage. All this, and yet I cannot sue the surgeon responsible—in part because there is no structured, tested or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care.

Read that again: There is no structured, tested, or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care. Not for 42-year-olds, and not for the many minors embarking on medical transition in record numbers. It is not transphobic or discriminatory to discuss this—we as a society need to fully understand what we are encouraging our children to do to their bodies......

During my post-operation 17 months of sheer survival, I discovered that transgender health care is experimental and that large swaths of the medical industry encourage minors to transition due, at least in part, to fat profit margins. I was gobsmacked. Each day I researched more and became increasingly appalled. As I jumped from ER to ER desperately seeking help, I realized that nobody knew what to do. Each physician told me to return to the original surgeon. I was trapped like a child with an abusive parent.

My recurring bladder infection not only demolished my body; it started to ravage my mind, too. I stopped being able to problem-solve, and then lost my health insurance when I couldn't work. I spent many nights in the bathroom in too much pain to even make it to the toilet, forced to urinate on the floor, screaming as what felt like razor blades left my body. Rest came only in 45-minute increments that I induced with four shots of vodka, six Benadryl pills and a handful of melatonin—with only sleep-deprived hallucinations for my trouble......

And American College of Pediatrics seems to have a much better pulse on what's going on, even urgently warning that giving hormones to kids is actually child abuse.

Gender Dysphoria in Children​


Transgender Interventions Harm Children



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.......The 80-year-old had been swimming at the Mountain View community pool [the local YMCA in Port Townsend, Washington] for the past 35 years and had never had to deal with a situation like this.

"I was showering [after a swim] and I heard a man's voice … it was quite deep," Jaman told Reduxx, a feminist news and opinion site. "So I looked through the shower curtain. There was a man in a woman's bathing suit, and he was near four or five little girls who were taking off their bathing suits. He was standing there watching them."

The deep-voiced person in question ignored Jaman's genital inquiry [as to whether this person was a biological male] whereupon she demanded the person leave the women's locker room.

When Jaman complained to the pool's manager, it was the octogenarian grandmother who felt the wrath of woke, transgender authoritarianism.

"She said, 'You are being discriminatory, you are banned from the pool, and I am calling the police.' I was totally stunned," Reduxx reported.

Granny's a bigot because she doesn't think little girls should have to get undressed in front of a dude.

A local blog, The Port Townsend Free Press, discovered that the biological male in question goes by the name Clementine Adams, a first-year college student and employee of the YMCA.

......After Jaman was banned from the swimming pool, she contacted Wendy Bart, the CEO of the Olympic Peninsula YMCA. She complained that there had been no signs posted warning women, little girls, and parents that a biological male was using the women's facilities at the pool.

"We post pride signs, and we assume that lets women know what to expect," Jaman says Bart informed her.

Apparently, the "C" in YMCA no longer stands for "Christian" and clearly stands for "corrupt."

Jaman decided that she would take things into her own hands. She decided to stand in front of the swimming pool facility, holding a sign that reads: "Men who identify as women are using the women's shower/dressing room."

......This brought out protesters sympathetic to Jaman's concerns, and a larger protest ensued. Jaman began telling her story to the gathered crowd, and the trans-rights protesters chanted, screamed, drowned her out and rushed the speaker's area, tearing down women's rights banners and startling the 80-year-old accidental activist.

While the trans-rights totalitarians taunt Jaman as an intolerant, Matt Walsh-loving bigot, it's important to note that she is a life-long Democrat who staged anti-war protests in the 60s and has spear-headed voter registration drives for the "party of tolerance."

"It's darn-right confusing," Jaman told Reduxx. "I am from the old-school. I know what being discriminated is about. I know about human dignity. I marched against the Vietnam war. I know all about racial discrimination against people of color. I know about the need for tolerance … But I don't get this."

....You object to a biological male dressing in a women's locker room? You're a bigot.

You object to a biological male watching little girls getting undressed in a women's locker room? You're a bigot.

You want to warn other women and girls that a biological male is in the women's locker room? You're a bigot.

......As Jaman said, "I have been a woman for all of my 80 years. I don't intend on changing. But it erases me. Because if that's a woman… what am I?"

Good question, ma'am. Time to re-register and save this nation.


....Julie Jaman has been in Port Townsend for about 40 years. She has been swimming at the Mountain View pool for most of those years. She raised children in Jefferson County. She has been a Democratic voter. She describes her gender identity and expression as rooted in her biological sex. “I am an XX woman,” she says, referring to the chromosomal characteristics that make women women and distinguish them from men. Her gender identity and expression, she says, have been shaped by eight decades of womanhood and life experiences that implanted feelings, reactions, intuition and wisdom, strengths, vulnerabilities and preferences. Jaman is a woman whose gender expression and identity recoil at being naked against her will in the presence of strange males and whose mothering instincts (“the momma bear in me,” she says) surfaced when she saw a man in a woman’s bathing suit looking at nearly naked little girls.

....Jaman is a woman whose gender expression and identity recoil at being naked against her will in the presence of strange males and whose mothering instincts (“the momma bear in me,” she says) surfaced when she saw a man in a woman’s bathing suit looking at nearly naked little girls.

......Jaman says she was shocked. “There were gaps in the curtain and there I was, naked, with soap and water on me, and this guy, right there very close to me. I asked, ‘Do you have a [ ***** keeping in family friendly here]?’ He said, ‘That’s none of your business.’ That’s when I told him, ‘Get out of here, right now.’

Jaman then noticed that DeLuna [the YMCA's aquatics manager ] was also there just outside her shower stall. Julie said to her, “Get him out of here.” DeLuna responded, according to Jaman,”You’re discriminating and you can’t use the pool anymore and I’m calling the police.”

Jaman remembers standing there stunned, naked and wet. “There was no concern for what I was experiencing.” DeLuna never asked “if I was okay.” Nobody explained anything to her. The male in the woman’s swim suit did not display anything identifying him as a YMCA employee. She does not remember getting dry and dressed. She exited the showers and entered the foyer to leave the building.

......In a written comment to the Port Townsend City Council, Jaman stated:

“The YMCA should immediately post clear signage indicating the existing dressing/shower rooms will be used by the opposite sex who gender identify differently. Also, all parents who send their children to YMCA programs should be informed that men who identify as women are allowed to accompany little girls into the dressing and bathroom areas.”

“This is unbelievable,” Jaman says. She says she did not sleep for days following the incident.

.......What Jaman saw is what will be described here as “a male in a woman’s swimsuit.” How Adams sees himself does not alter the physical facts in the shower room on that day. Jaman was very upset at finding herself naked in front of a male in a woman’s swimsuit, and seeing this male looking at little girls in various stages of nudity. Adams was not excluded from the facilities. It was Jaman who was told to leave when she expressed her gender identity, sensitivities and vulnerabilities. State law imposes obligations upon and prohibits actions by the Y and its employees; state law imposes no duty upon Jaman to overcome or hide her concerns, fears and humiliation about being suddenly naked, without consent, in front of a male unknown to her in a place she had considered safe for more than 30 years.

What is a woman? Adams declared himself to be a woman in March of 2022 according to his Facebook page; Jaman has been “an XX woman” for eighty years since the moment of her birth. To describe Adams as a woman would be disrespectful to “XX women” shaped by immutable biological blessings and their life’s journey, joys, struggles and wounds as a woman. Anything less implies there is nothing all that special and profound about womanhood. Uttering the word “woman” cannot change biology nor instantly give a biological XY chromosomal male the intuition, strengths, vulnerabilities, emotions, powers, and wonderous, incomparable gifts unique to those astounding and amazing human beings who are, in fact, women.

The YMCA’s Violation of Washington State Law Against Discrimination of the Basis of Gender Expression or Identity Protects Jaman

WAC 162-32-060 states that all public accommodations “shall allow individuals the use of gender-segregated facilities, such as restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms and homeless or emergency shelters, that are consistent with that individual’s gender or expression or gender identity. In such facilities where undressing in the presence of others occurs, covered entities [like the YMCA] shall allow access to and use of a facility consistent with that individual’s gender expression or gender identity.”

Julie Jaman’s gender expression is that of a woman in the traditional sense, the sense understood by most of her generation and all past generations until a few people have attempted fairly recently in human history to erase that identity by asserting it can be claimed by declaring oneself to be a woman. Jaman’s gender expression and identity recoils at and rejects appearing naked in front of men in public restrooms or showers, or seeing naked men in similar places, all without her consent and against her will. In this way, it is similar to a sexual assault, though Jaman has not used that terminology explicitly. For her it is palpably wrong, humiliating and threatening. This gender expression was strongly displayed when she was “triggered” and lost her sense of safety upon finding a male in a swimsuit just a few feet from her while she was naked during her shower. (underlinding, bolding is mine at this paragraph)

This law is not a law exclusively for those humans who identify themselves the opposite gender of their biological sex. It is not so limited by its language. It is a law that protects ALL gender expressions and identities, including those of Julie Jaman. It prohibits the YMCA from denying use of its facilities to even the most puritanical, unyielding, judgmental, heterosexual, even bigoted male or female to the same extent such discrimination would be illegal against an inconsiderate male or female expressing their sexuality as other than their biological gender. Jaman’s discomfort and concerns are entitled to the same unquestioning deference and response as it would have to grant anyone asserting their gender expression or identity.

She had never before in her experience been subjected to, against her will, being in the presence of a male while naked in the Y’s showers. The first time it happened, and the first time she vocally expressed her gender identity, the Y called the police and has forever now denied her use of this public accommodation. Julie Jaman was under no legal obligation to surrender the sensitivities and preferences that spring from her gender identity. The state law applies to the YMCA and its employees, not to her.

Instead of ignoring and condemning Jaman’s gender expression, Y employees DeLuna and Adams were legally obligated to accommodate her gender expression and related preferences. They should have acknowledged and honored Jaman’s preference that Adams grant her privacy by removing himself, at least until she was dressed. DeLuna and Adams have not responded to our questions as to why they acted as they did instead of allowing Jaman to use the facility she had for decades been using in a manner consistent with traditional gender expression and identity.

State Law Recognizes the Legitimacy of Expressions of Concern and Discomfort

WAC 162-32-060(2)(a) states “If another person expresses concern or discomfort about a person who uses a facility that is consistent with that person’s expression or gender identity, the person expressing discomfort should be directed to a separate or gender-neutral facility, if available.”

This is what Julie Jaman is asking for now. The Legislature legitimized such concerns by providing a procedure for addressing them. Jaman believes that if biological males will be in the women’s shower room—where there is no privacy—then the YMCA should provide a separate or gender-neutral facility for women (or men) with gender expressions and gender identities that experience discomfort, insecurity and humiliation from as the result of being naked in front of unknown persons of the opposite sex, or being exposed to their nakedness.

I asked Erin Hawkins, who is identified as the YMCA’s person for marketing and communications, what the Y is doing now to protect the dignity and gender-based sensibilities of someone like Julie Jaman. Hawkins said such a person should do their best to wrap themselves in a towel and deploy the shower curtain while washing. She acknowledged that the shower area is not private and had no answer for how someone like Julie Jaman would be shielded from a male exposing his genitals. As for employees like Adams, she said, the Y provides separate dressing and shower facilities.........
And where were the mommas of those little girls??!!


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If they REALLY want to be a woman, they should prove their dedication by getting certain parts removed, just sayin'. They arent women til they experience a monthly cycle and its pain and/or childbirth. They may win swimming competitions, but if they really dealt with female hormones, they'd decline the honor of being called woman. They aint women...they's messed up n need Jesus!
I think most men pretending to be women are really just gay but are too ashamed to admit


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Amen! I pray that people see the madness and turn to the Everlasting Truth of the Word of God!

John 18:37-38 NASB95 — Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”

Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?” And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews and said to them, “I find no guilt in Him.