Medical staff told not to wear uniforms while commuting


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definately some morons out in this world of ours!!................ I can't believe people would do that to those who risk their lives to save others!
Coronavirus: Nurses told to not wear uniforms in public to avoid abuse
As the coronavirus pandemic worsens and public tensions run high, nurses in the UK are taking extreme measures to protect themselves.
UK nurses have been warned not to wear their uniforms in public amid reports of medical staff being abused by the public and ID badges being stolen in order to gain preferential treatment.

In an email published by The Times, nurses have been told they can't wear their uniforms to and from work “until further notice”.
“There have been reported cases of some nurses being challenged by the public so this is not just to protect you from carrying anything on your uniforms but potential abuse,” the email read.
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Several locations are "strongly encouraging" if not mandating masks in public. Since N95 masks are almost impossible to find, it will just be a matter of time before someone is mugged for wearing an N95 mask. It happened with toilet paper. People without the light of truth are losing grip of reality.


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I'm in the Midwestern U.S., and so far the surrounding communities have been great. Giving thanks for our service and even starting groups to sew masks for our local hospitals.