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Only an ignorant and lazy nescient could believe that Romney's or McCain's allegiances are to God or even the people of the United States of America. Mark my words. If either one is elected, millions more will be slaughtered and it will be the fault of those who voted for them. I hope that is well, that is well, with your soul.


Care to elaborate on that claim? And why is it necessary to be sarcastic about the lines from that song? We are living in a time where we are having to vote for the lesser of two evils. I haev done my research and came to my conclusions, please tell me how you have come to yours so I can try to see your point, please?

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When God's plan is unfolding, you are stretching it to blame people who do not think like you. Every man should vote as their spirit tells them. And God may tell you to vote for Huckabee and another for Romney. You are right about the upcoming deaths. But they will not be the fault of any voter.

Those deaths you speak of are phropesied by God's prophets. So no matter who is elected, the deaths will surely come. All men believe they can hide who they truly are. So I choose to vote for any man or woman who has convinced me abortion is wrong and unacceptable. For any man has the right to choose his way in life without affecting others. And for any person who does not openly conflict with God's word. I am still contemplating.


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Only an ignorant and lazy nescient


Matthew 7:3-5
3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.


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I have grave concerns about him. I would rather see Romney in the White House.

Ditto that, although Huckabee's still acceptable to me as well. God Bless John McCain, but I don't want too see him as the nominee, much less POTUS.:ohno


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I believe that we worship a sovereign and loving God and that he knows what our future holds. I believe, love and trust in Jesus Christ like most people in this forum. I do think however, we are racing towards an incredible end as we know it, or rather, a new beginning. Each day, more and more prophetic signs are coming to pass. The question of course, is how do we as Christians help guide our country into the future? How long is that future? I believe God has commissioned us to go out each election and vote for candidates that we believe to hold the same valves as we do and candidates that will be looked favorably upon by God.

If we don’t get out and vote, then we only have ourselves to blame. I believe that from a historical standpoint, God has looked favorably on our country because of our Judeo-Christian beliefs. Now with things like taking the word “God” out of government buildings, courts, and schools, we are asking for God to wave his protection. Abortion is another one that really makes me sick. To finish this up, I think there are some pretty left leaning candidates out there that really worry me (Hillary and Barack) and there are some so called conservative candidates like McCain and Romney that also worry me. There is not one clear cut winner out there that I see. If Ron Paul could get in there I would vote for him, but he is not, so I will probably vote for Romney who has said he would appoint conservative judges.

I believe that in the future our country will start to flounder and that is in God’s plan. The Revised Roman Empire will spawn the Antichrist and will flourish. Already the Euro is replacing the US Dollar as the currency of choice. Anyway, we may reap what we have sowed.


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I mailed off my vote for Huckalbee, but I will vote for who ever is on the republican party in November.


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Also, good news Huckabee won a couple states in the South this year like Georgia and Arkansas!:yeah::yeah:


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The one world government really decides who elects the president and the wealthy bankers and council of foreign relations has all the power in the country anyway.:ohno:ohno


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Be weary of McCain

John McCain is not as conserative as one may think at first glance. Surprising to say the least.

[YOU TUBE VIDEO]Suprisingly Liberal-John McCain [/YOU TUBE VIDEO]



[YOU TUBE VIDEO]Bill Clinton: McCain & Hillary Are "Very Close"[/YOU TUBE VIDEO]

[YOU TUBE VIDEO]John Mccain NOW claims he doesn't like his own AMNESTY bill![/YOU TUBE VIDEO]

[YOU TUBE VIDEO]John McCain vs. John McCain [/YOU TUBE VIDEO]

Glory be to God

God Bless


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mccain is of grave concern to me. Many people like how he has "reached across the isle" and shows how he can work with the other side. Herein is my concern, when he "reaches across that isle" it seems what results is legislation that much closer reflects the values of his dem co author than anything resembling conservative values.

If not for is War stance and Pro Life record, he would be a liberal republican. When your name shows up on bills with kennedy, feingold, edwards, or lieberman you are outside the main stream of the party.

He has drank the coolaid on global warming, immigration, taxation, drilling for our own oil and he has played along with the class warfare garbage.
I am sad for my party when this is the best we can put up against the dem nominee.

As bad as he is IMO the alternative dem is dreadful. My only hope is that the conservative wing of the party can drag him back to sanity, and that he will abandon the "all things to all people" way he does business.


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Better the McCain-Huckabee ticket then either Hillary or Barak Obama, any day of the week. That's JMHO. I heard on FoxNews that there just may possibly be the pairing of these two GOP Candidates, after Mitt Romney dropped out of the race.


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I never did want Mitt Romney to win the nomination. He's liberal in Massachusetts as he was for homosexual marriage, abortion and gun control:tsk::tsk: Then last year he switched over his opinions. At least McCain is against abortion. I would vote for him and Huckabee as vice president.:hat: