Massive 'crack in the Earth' opens up suddenly in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains


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I was just reading the other day about siematologists (sp?) talking about the whole Pacific Northwest....not a matter of IF but When......wish I could remember the specifics linked to St. Andreas but thinking it quite fascinating that the secular scientific community is well aware of what's to come. Of course, Yellowstone is another whole other matter. If that blows...well, forget about it...LOL


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What a sight that is! So many evidences like this proving that God has worked quite suddenly at times to create geological features that even 40 years ago were looked at as the end result of long millennia of erosion etc. LOL Mt St Helens made a mini Grand canyon in months, not millennia and here this is, an overnight canyon opening up.

ITA this is a mini preview of coming events. I'd quote the movies and say "coming attractions" but the idea of that opening up at ones feet isn't attractive, it's scary, a very scary event!


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Yes it will happen and the strength of the "Big one" will topple mountains. I'm glad we will be long removed when that happens.
Its hard for me to imagine the magnitude it will take to level mountains and Islands! We have been through some real shakers here in So-Cal since the 70's! I can understand the terror and the hearts of men failing under these conditions! To see what kind of damage the 1906 quake in San Francisco did, it was nothing compared to whats coming!