Marine Corps 'excited' for MRIC system with Iron Dome components


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Marine Corps 'excited' for MRIC system with Iron Dome components
The MRIC uses the Corps’ Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) and Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) and incorporates the Iron Dome’s Tamir interceptor and launcher.
Published: JULY 20, 2022

Following a series of successful live-fire tests, the Marine Corps is ready to procure the Medium-Range Intercept Capability (MRIC) prototype with components from Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. “We just proved it and tested it,” said Gen. Eric Smith, assistant commandant of the Marine Corps (ACMC) during an event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the US Naval Institute on Monday.

“And now we’re going to start moving out to procure that system. It’s been in the works for a while. And I would note that we held onto funding for that for almost two years until you could prove it, and now [that] it’s proven, we will start procuring.”