Mansour Abbas threatens Netanyahu


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Mansour Abbas threatens Netanyahu
Ra'am chairman livid over Likud campaign, claims it is "incitement against Ra'am and the Arab members of the Knesset."
Israel National News
Aug 28, 2022

Ra'am chairman Mansour Abbas on Saturday night attacked Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu and claimed that he is running an incitement campaign against Ra'am and the Arab MKs in which he accuses them of supporting terrorism.

"The time will come for us to respond to all this incitement," Abbas said in an interview on Channel 12 News. "Netanyahu, who negotiated with us, comes out in videos and accuses us of being supporters of terrorism as if there are no enforcement authorities. If we were supporters of terrorism, we would be in a completely different place."

"Two days ago I remembered something," continued Abbas. "When it was announced that Netanyahu hosted [Bezalel] Smotrich and [Itamar] Ben Gvir at his home in Caesarea, I remembered that I was also invited there by Netanyahu and [Likud MK] Yoav Kisch. I have the address of his home on WhatsApp."