Mansour Abbas: Ra’am not ruling out anyone in next coalition


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Mansour Abbas: Ra’am not ruling out anyone in next coalition
The event was held at Ramat Hasharon's Yad Labanim Hall, which serves as a cultural center and includes a monument for IDF soldiers from the city who were killed in action.
Published: JULY 30, 2022

Ra’am will not rule out any party in the next coalition, including the Likud led by opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, party chair Mansour Abbas said at a “Shabbat Culture” event in Ramat Hasharon on Saturday. “On a fundamental level, I do not rule out anyone, and I accept the Jewish sector as it is,” Abbas said to host Tal Schneider of Zman Yisrael. “At the same time, I hope that the current government will manage to get 61 [seats] in order to continue to give hope to all of the country’s citizens,” he said, and received a round of applause.

“This is the first time that parties from the edge of the Right and the edge of the Left are sitting together. Ra’am’s presence in this array enabled the joining of Meretz and Yamina, which is very important,” Abbas explained. “If for a moment someone thinks that I don’t have values, and I will join anyone who wants me, is very wrong. I don’t rule out anyone, and whoever rules me out is ruling himself out as well.”