Mandatory Covid vaccine at work

Andy C

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I'm wondering if the Rapture might come while it's still in development, and it ends up becoming the actual Mark.
One cant know for sure, but IMO, the actual MOB at the mid point of the tribulation will have nothing to do with the vaccine. Satan will not want to share with anything else. The MOB will strictly be a thing of acceptance, the receiver agreeing to worship the AC.
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I wouldn't be worried about the spiritual implications of the vaccine, I don't believe there are any. I would be concerned that the vaccine actually works. So far, all I read is that different companies are "close" or that a particular medication is "promising". I'll wait for a vaccine that is a true and complete cure/preventative.


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I won't be taking the vaccine anytime soon because I think it's been too rushed in development. What if side effects take longer to materialize? The whole thing, because of the process kinda creeps me out. But for people who want it- I say go for it.
As a federal employee, what most of my friends can't believe is, you call in and say you have Covid or tested positive, no documentation required. You get 2 weeks of special Covid leave pay, then switch to regular sick leave. You come back when ever you are ready, no documentation required, and most people return when the extra 2 weeks are used up, and never use any of their own sick leave.
Will they require employees to take the vaccine or not be able to work? I can't see that happening. If would take years to settle that with the Unions.


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Can you explain what you mean by this?

Only the MOB can condemn one to hell for taking it. If a covid vaccine is approved soon, it will have nothing to do with the MOB, and certainly wont condemn anyone to hell.

Depending on the final product, I would most likely have no issues taking the Covid vaccine. Then again, I have always been supportive of the majority of vaccinations. I was like a human pin cushion in my decades in the Marines.
Agreed. It isn't the MOTB, so why sweat it? We know what to reject when the time comes, if we're here (spoiler: we won't be).


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Noone in my family or myself will take the vaccine. We dont take any now and wont take any in the future. I have objections to the statement of fetal parts being put in and all that but that is arguable that it's not done anymore. What is not arguable is that there IS something in those vaccines and such that make my family either sick or in some instances worse! So, as far as me and my house, there is NO WAY we will get them!!!

Lovin Jesus

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There’s always been some form of concern with vaccines for some people because of the reporting of certain contents in them that may compromise their conscience with something ethical or that may violate a biblical beliefs. There’s fact and documented information that some vaccines contain aborted fetal cells. Regardless if the tissue is ten years old or from a recent aborted baby it’s wrong in my view. As for concerns that the Covid vaccine is possibly the MOB, I’m not convinced of that nor do I feel alerted by the Holy Spirit that this is so. We are given clues in Revelation as to things connected with the MOB. One for certain is that it will be a connection to the economy that allows us to buy or sell. There have been articles saying there are thoughts about including a form of I.D with the vaccine, as far as I know it has been out there in words been no evidence that this has been done or included in the trials. I’d pray about this and trust God to put in your heart what you need to know coming from him to decide what to do in this situation and in everything we do. Because we can’t view today in comparison to yesterday and have yet to see what comes from the vaccines once they are released to the public, we have to trust God to let us know what to do. He always gives us his guidance when we put our trust in him

Momma D

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I have mentioned this before, but I had a severe allergic reaction to the pneumonia vaccine I had years ago. I'm guessing there will be similarities between the two vaccines, since the lungs are generally affected by covid.
My doctor told me at the time of the previous pneumonia vaccine never to get another one.
I still need to talk to him about that...

Momma D

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I would probably take it as long as it doesn't force me to disavow the Lord Jesus Christ and worship someone else. It's sad that we've come to this point, though, where vaccines are mandatory, free speech is curtailed, and the ruling elites are lording it over us.
It won't. We are not at that point yet, and we won't be here at that point...

Ghoti Ichthus

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If the vaccine is made mandatory for anything that affects me, I'm filing for religious exemption due to aborted fetal stem cells used in research, development, and/or production, unless there's a vaccine made without such research, development, and production. I'm concerned that even if an acceptable vaccine is available, that it will be reserved for the most *desirable* segment of the population age-wise, just like the flu mist is now (6-49 years old).

In case anyone else is considering this, my post numbers 25, 29, 32, and 35 in this thread have many relevant links (aborted fetal stem cells used in research, development, and production of wuhan virus vaccines)

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